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Bitcoin News for the week of 1/12/15

It’s been another up and down week in bitcoin, with a price roller coaster that would make anyone scream. Despite the price speculation though, and with every week in bitcoin, there has been good news that we can share with our readers. Noted Bitcoin enthusiast Andreas Antonopoulos did an AMA on Reddit, providing some quotables. In addition, startup Edellstall is using 3D printing technology to spread bitcoin adoption in Germany.

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Andreas Antonopoulos is a Bitcoin expert, host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin and author of Mastering Bitcoin. The charismatic thought leader is known for his testimony at the Canadian Senate Hearing and for delivering a phenomenal introduction to Bitcoin. Many people look to him for comments on current events in the Bitcoin space, so it’s no surprise that Redditors flocked to his AMA on Thursday. Within, Antonopoulos described why Bitcoin is here to stay, expressed his interest in the Reddit cryptocurrency project, and explained how to “fight” a horse.

Coinplug to Roll out Prepaid Cards to Thousands of Convenience Stores

South Korean bitcoin services company Coinplug is rolling out a pre-paid bitcoin purchasing service to around 24,000 convenience stores across the country, with 8,000 7-Eleven stores already participating. The company says its ‘okBitcard’ service will be on sale in other major chains by the end of January. With those numbers, it will be the most widespread distribution of its kind in the world to date.

Bitcoin Foundation to boost core development through new series of events

The Bitcoin Foundation is launching a new series of events to support the future development of the cryptocurrency’s core. The first event for developers happens in Boston in February. DevCore Boston is inviting “all developers interested in deepening their technical expertise to support the future development of Bitcoin core”.

German Startup Gives Away 3D-Printed Bitcoin Payment Terminals

By combining hacked cellphones and 3D-printed casings, a startup based in Hannover, Germany, has developed a working bitcoin point-of-sale (POS) terminal called PEY. The PEY terminal is being offered for free to local merchants to encourage the use of bitcoin as a means of payment, while bypassing the high fees imposed on German traders by credit and debit card companies.

Miami Bitcoin Hackathon: And the winners were…

Doug Carrillo, Andrew Barnard, Peter Nova and the other organizers behind the first Miami Bitcoin Hackathon said they didn’t know quite what kind of turnout to expect last weekend at The LAB Miami. But the turnout —  100 programmers and another 70 observers — showed there is a lot of pent-up curiosity for the emerging digital currency.

The North American Bitcoin Conference is Here

Following its success in Amsterdam and Chicago, The North American Bitcoin Conference is heading to Miami.  From January 16-18, bitcoin enthusiasts will be given the opportunity to travel to Florida and hear some of the most respected members of the cryptocurrency community educate and inform.

Blockchain API Profile: SaruTobi

Are you addicted to SaruTobi yet? It’s a wonderfully entertaining side-scroller for iOS that allows you to receive bitcoin tips just by playing the game! The game was developed by Christian Moss and is available for free download, in the App Store. After playing the game ourselves, we decided it would be a great idea to reach out to Christian to learn a little bit more about SaruTobi and discuss how the Blockchain API makes bitcoin tipping possible.

Bitcoin, Value, and Ponzi Schemes

Bitcoin enthusiast, Erik Voorhees, wrote a very well thought out article in regards to Gary North who has used the falling Bitcoin price as an opportunity to reacquaint us with his condemnation of Bitcoin as a Ponzi Scheme. No doubt others will do the same in the coming days and weeks.

Introducing the Bitcoin Lobby

Who do you call if you want to call Bitcoin? For officials in Washington, the question might not be as vexing as its Europe-related counterpart, sure. But it is one that Jerry Brito, formerly of the free-markets-loving Mercatus Center at George Mason University, started to ponder last year.

Portland Warming Up to Bitcoin? Isabel Restaurant Embraces Bitcoin

Prior to Isabel accepting Bitcoin, Portland, Oregon has been very slow to integrate Bitcoin into businesses within the city, much slower than many cities that are smaller in size. Isabel is well known for their unique menu, superb breakfast items, and the micro brews available on tap. Isabel is among the first of quality sit down restaurants to integrate Bitcoin payments as an option to patrons.

Russia blocks bitcoin websites over “shadow economy” fears

The Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked access to five bitcoin-related websites because the cryptocurrency “contributes to the growth of the shadow economy.” Roskomnadzor has the power to order ISPs to restrict access to certain sites.