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Bitcoin News for the week of 12/29/14

With the 2014 year coming to an end, this week in bitcoin has some real gems in it such as 10 Bitcoin Resolutions for 2015 and Mike Hearn’s take on how Bitcoin technology advanced in the past year. Let’s look forward to the New Year, and all the possibilities the future can bring us. On to the news!

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California Governor Approves Bitcoin for Transactions

Bitcoin can be accepted and used for transactions in the U.S. state of California, following the ratification of a new finance bill. Previously, only U.S. Dollars were officially recognized, but the new bill allows for the use of other national and digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

10 Bitcoin Resolutions for 2015

In the spirit of making resolutions for the New Year, members of the bitcoin community should look at 2015 with a fresh perspective. Surely we’ve all gone through the phases of first learning about bitcoin, becoming enamored with the idea of digital currencies and then perhaps even a bit jaded at times. Here are 10 bitcoin resolutions for the New Year.

Tech 2015: Block Chain Will Break Free From Bitcoin to Power Distributed Apps

Forbes contributor Anthony Kosner takes a close look at the Bitcoin block chain and also Ethereum, which is an interesting open source platform for smart contracts built on top of block chain technology.

Mike Hearn: How Bitcoin’s Technology Advanced in 2014

Most media stories reviewing bitcoin’s 2014 focus exclusively on the price. So, instead, let’s take a look at what we achieved as a community this year, and take a look ahead at where things might go in 2015.

Drones, Bitcoin, and robotic fish

It’s been a busy year for MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Researchers celebrated the lab’s 50th anniversary, created groundbreaking algorithms to magnify video and predict Bitcoin prices, and developed exciting new robots that can walk, talk, fly and swim.

Microsoft to Expand Bitcoin Experimentation

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft announced its decision to accept Bitcoin for a few of its digital properties — a decision which caused a wave of excitement in the Bitcoin community. Now, a Microsoft spokesperson has stated that Microsoft is conducting further experiments with Bitcoin and crypto-currency technologies so that the company may expand its Bitcoin acceptance in the future

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The Bitcoin Billionaire: ‘Digital Dough’ Gets its Game On

A leak into popular consciousness is almost always followed by a leak into popular culture and this was one hard and fast rule that even bitcoin couldn’t avoid. The launch of indie-game Bitcoin Billionaire on Android was hardly the news event of the year, but it stands out as a landmark nonetheless, one of those moments that you might need to pause and think about before its significance sinks in.

The Federal Reserve Publishes Another Paper on Bitcoin

The Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, D.C. has issued a report entitled Bitcoin: Technical Background and Data Analysis. The recently released report, is a technical analysis of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin protocol. While mostly accurate, it contains a number of assumptions and self-serving statements suggesting that, despite a great deal of empirical research and terabytes of data, the Federal Reserve lacks a fundamental understanding of Bitcoin.

Drawing the distinction between the uppercase “B” and lowercase “b” in Bitcoin

It’s a common mistake that many people make when talking about Bitcoin. Using the uppercase “B” in Bitcoin or using the lowercase “b” in bitcoin. What is the difference, and when do you use each one? In this post, we take a few minutes to explain the difference to help you understand each one.

Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust files to sell 20.1M shares on NASDAQ

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss took a huge step forward in their slow, steady plodding towards global bitcoin domination. According to a report on MarketWatch, the brothers — who famously sued Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook’s founding — filed to sell shares in their Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust on Nasdaq.

Gregory Maxwell: How I Went From Bitcoin Skeptic to Core Developer

Bitcoin holds a lot of promise as a decentralized currency, but there are many technical issues to be tackled as adoption increases. No one knows this better than core developer Gregory Maxwell, who has been contributing to bitcoin’s software since the early days.