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Our Top 5 Last Minute Bitcoin Holiday Shopping Ideas

[!["Ornamental Christmas decorations, Happy New Year" Image credit: © Nevit Dilmen](](
“Ornamental Christmas decorations, Happy New Year” Image credit: © Nevit Dilmen
With Christmas Day quickly approaching, we know many of us are scrambling to make sure we check everything off our holiday shopping lists.

2014 has been, by far, the most successful year in terms of merchant adoption.

Many of us on the Blockchain team who are able to use bitcoin daily notice that it’s been increasingly easy to pay for goods and services with it, because of this surge in merchant acceptance.

For anyone else who wants to do their holiday shopping with bitcoin, keep on reading to find out some of what you can purchase for your friends and family without spending fiat!

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1. [PurseIO](

An online marketplace that sells virtually anything, is a one-stop shop for so many essentials and extras. PurseIO allows you to purchase items on Amazon at a discount of up to 25%. They do this by pairing you with someone who is looking to buy bitcoins. After you’ve picked out what you want to buy on Amazon, you add it to a wishlist. You then share the link to that wishlist on PurseIO, so the item can be shipped to you without revealing your address.

The savings come in when you sell your bitcoins to the buyer at a mark-up price, which would be whatever percentage you’d like to save on your Amazon purchase. Your bitcoins are stored in PurseIO’s secure escrow, so the party making the Amazon purchase doesn’t receive them until you receive your item.

Check out their website to watch the intro video and learn more!

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2. [eGifter](

When a particular retailer doesn’t accept bitcoin (yet), companies like eGifter work great to fill that gap, by accepting bitcoin for gift cards to the retailers we want to buy from. Not only can you choose from major retailers like Best Buy, Sephora, Amazon and Old Navy, but you can also choose from restaurants and even pay for movie tickets. eGifter also rewards bitcoin purchases by giving you 3x points for every dollar you spend, so you can earn points to buy yourself something special.

Gift cards are great for Christmas, but if you want to buy something a bit more personal, you can use the gift card yourself to buy your family member or friend exactly what it is they wanted. If it’s last minute, be sure to order using express shipping!

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3. [Overstock](

In early 2014, Overstock began accepting bitcoin. They were the first major retailer to do so and several others have followed suit since. Overstock is an online store that sells everything from furniture, clothing, jewelry to laptops, cameras and televisions. The options are endless and they even have Christmas delivery options. For those who live outside the US, Overstock accepts bitcoin from international customers as well.

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4. [Microsoft](

Computer software giant Microsoft recently announced it will accept bitcoin payments for content in the Windows Store or in stores that house Xbox Games, Xbox Music or Xbox Video. Merchant processor BitPay made this possible for them, by allowing users to use bitcoin to add money to their Microsoft account.

Visit this page and sign in with your Microsoft credentials, in order to add bitcoins to your account and start shopping!

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5. [](

Gifts don’t have to be limited to items you can wrap in a box or download; another great idea would be to plan a trip for you and your spouse or maybe a group of those closest to you. In late 2013, CheapAir began accepting bitcoin for flights and also included the option to book reservations at over 200,000 hotels in early 2014. They make traveling affordable & have great customer service.

The options for travel are endless! If CheapAir doesn’t provide the travel options you prefer, check out this article on BitPay’s blog about planning your next vacation with bitcoin. Merry Christmas and bon voyage!

What holiday gifts did you buy with bitcoin this year? Let us know by leaving a comment below!