Security Disclosure

When making a scheduled software update overnight to our web-wallet, our development team inadvertently affected a part of our software that ensures private keys are generated in a strong and secure manner.

The issue was present for a brief period of time between the hours of 12:00am and 2:30am GMT on December the 8th 2014. The issue was detected quickly and immediately resolved. In total, this issue affected less than 0.0002% of our user base and was limited to a few hundred addresses.

We have sent an alert to all users who have potentially vulnerable addresses in their wallets, for which we have an email on file. We are committed to working with any affected users to assess and rectify any issues.

If you created a wallet, generated a new address via’s web-wallet, or sent bitcoin from your wallet during this time period and have not provided us with your email address, please contact our support desk at [email protected] or simply create a new wallet.

Addresses, wallets and transactions created via the iOS and Android apps, and the Chrome extension are not affected.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Development Team

73 thoughts on “ Security Disclosure

      1. Me too!!! My bitcoins was stolen from address:


        Please, check this transaction – he’s not from my IP-address!!!

    1. Our support team will respond to each individual case as quickly as they can. Some cases will require more research than others and this is to ensure the correct amount of funds are returned to each user who lost funds because of this issue.

  1. Request #31263
    That is the bitcoin address it was part of the hack that went down this morning.

    I am really confused, and I am wondering what is going to happen with my money. I did everything I could to secure my funds, 2 factor security, ip logging, etc.

    Payments being sent to the hackers BTC address:

    Safe BTC Address for reimbursement: 18RxM6XWyNSFtY79DZytUwhap8woN6hf6W

    Is anyone going to be reimbursed for this mistake on you guys part.

    1. Sorry to hear you were affected by this. Our support team will be responding to each individual case as quickly as they can. Some cases will require more research than others and this is to ensure the correct amount of funds are returned to each user who lost funds because of this issue.

  2. Also one of my wallets are effected. 5.942 BTC had transferred out of my affected wallet address (1LDpUmrwVKSFyXy2czE423dH8yd4K9R9WW). I opened several tickets too, but nobody is answering me?!?!?!?!

    I need my coins!

    1. Hi! Please submit a support request so our team can assist you. Our support team will respond to each individual case as quickly as they can. Some cases will require more research than others and this is to ensure the correct amount of funds are returned to each user who lost funds because of this issue.

  3. Please can you help me!! my coins where taken out then help desk put them back in for me , then the next day they got taken out again , i sent a ticket in and i was told to wait for a response and it’s been over 10 hours can you please tell me why they got taken out again my address is 19owWJcPbTEe1mVYer1ymnbduJDza9jpRH #31349 is my ticket number

    1. Our support team will respond to you as quickly as they are able to. Resolving each case involves research and time, and we want to make sure all the funds go to the correct recipient. We appreciate your patience! If there has been some sort of issue with your case that took place, please do inform support and they will respond as soon as they can.

  4. 1LRokuSGeCqkNLgmAhb6UT1QpEEVFFAfof -with this purse lost all the money and transaction history after you received this message – A security issue effects address 1LRokuSGeCqkNLgmAhb6UT1QpEEVFFAfof. Please Archive It and Contact How do I get the money back ???? I made an application to the support # 31430

    1. Sorry to hear you were affected by this security issue. If you haven’t yet, please submit a support request so our team can assess your case. Each case will require research and will take time, so that we ensure the proper funds are returned to the proper recipient. We appreciate our patience regarding this issue.

  5. Okay so this is going to be one final email then after 72 hours if no response i will know im being ignored/scammed

    On the December 8th 2014 my bitcoins where taken out of my wallet (2.65 BTC) and my Address when this first happen was 17v7242xorj71WcvB3T8FDxn16oHzC4399
    Later that day a helper named ‘Ben’ helped me and refunded me within 2 hours of me emailing! i was very happy

    The Next day i woke up and same thing all bitcoins where missing on my new address i just created which is 19owWJcPbTEe1mVYer1ymnbduJDza9jpRH this time it was 2.52 btc!
    so then i send in over 10 emails wait over 24 hours and no response except to give my address and identifier which i did and then no response. Also my identifier is (please check email don’t want to publicly say it)

    Please Please reply to me other then that i *feel* like i am being/gotten scammed even tho it’s such a low amount for you guys it’s alot to me.

    1. We apologize for this major inconvenience! Our support team is working hard to resolve each individual case, which takes more time and research than usual. If you have opened a ticket with us, please know you will receive a response.

  6. stolen bitcoin : $77.89

    from address : 1Bp4FoxoLjXxRMG7qac791qBAa9siKifu7

    its been more than 48 hours… please REFUND MY MONEY ASAP… NEED IT SO VERY URGENTLY… WAITING

    1. Our support team is working hard to respond to all of our affected users. If you have opened a ticket, please know you will receive a response, but due to the research involved in each case, the response time will be somewhat longer than normal. If you haven’t yet opened a ticket, please do so here.

    1. We apologize for the delayed response. If you have been affected by the recent security issue, our support team will respond to you, but due to the amount of research required in each case, response time will be somewhat slower that usual.

  7. I need help resetting my two factor identification. I have spent the last three days emailing your help desk with NO response.

    Are you help or is this site yet another bit coin scam when you lock user out and keep the cash?

    Because this is really starting to smell a lot like a rip off.

    1. Our 2FA reset process has been changed so that it is automatic, but depends on how much security the user has on their account (like a verified email or a secret phrase). Unfortunately, there will be a longer waiting period ranging from 7 days to 1 month if you don’t meet those requirements. This is in place to help prevent bitcoin theft and in the case of a potential theft, it gives the account owner time to come forward.

    1. Our support team will respond to you as soon as possible. They are working with each user to ensure funds are returned to their rightful owners. We appreciate your patience!

  8. Locked out of my blockchain account, message says to check email “authorization required”, but have received no emails from blockchain in about 7-10 days. Just started new job so hadn’t been checking regularly. Have sent support ticket at zendesk. Help!

    1. Is it possible you signed up for your wallet with a different email address? Glad to hear you opened a ticket; our support team will respond to you as soon as possible!

  9. my bitcoins were stolen transfered to another addresse send a ticket already not reply from 23 hours now im feelin like im bein scammed/ignored

    ticket id : 31664

    someone reply to me and back my money

    1. Hello! If this is in relation to the above blog post, please rest assured our support team is working as quickly as they can to ensure all users who lost bitcoins directly due to this issue are compensated. We appreciate your patience!

    1. Our team will respond to you as quickly as possible. Due to the above security issue, they are taking longer than usual to respond to ensure each individual case is properly assessed. If you have submitted a ticket you will receive a response!

  10. my request was marked as solved without any reply or futher explain by jade i dont know who this guy is
    Request #31664

    i open new ticket i want mandrik to assigned to this or im willing to report this case to my local police this is not a joke i lost 84$ i want my money back

    reply to this : Request #31944

    1. Based on your tickets, I see that you were refunded your bitcoins, as Mandrik said in ticket #31944. The security issue was relevant only within a very specific time frame, and unfortunately we can’t re-issue a refund we already sent.

  11. Hallo,
    Ive just wanted to open my wallet with my iPhone, than with my Firefox Browser and nothing works. So I saw the new Onion Link and tried open my wallet with Tor. I entered my Wallet-ID and got an authorization Email with an approvement Link. I kopied this Link, but I was forwarded to https://blockchainbdgpzk.onion/wallet/ and the first Tab, where I entered my Wallet-Id is „Waiting For Authorization“. How can i get my BTC? Please help as fast as you can!

    1. Our support team will respond to you as soon as possible. Each case involves a bit more time to ensure the correct funds go to the correct user 🙂

    1. We apologize for any inconvenience! Our team is working as quickly as possible to respond to all requests and we will get to your ticket. If you haven’t opened a ticket yet, please do so here.

  12. Yikes. Had me really scared in there for a minute. Good thing you mentioned at the bottom that those who use the extension for Chrome are safe. Whew. Although, I still did check my wallet. And yeah, pretty much secure. What if someone I know had their Bitcoins stolen? What can I advise them to do?

  13. Hello i had my blockchain wallet emptied yesterday due to this security issue i have also had a support ticket closed. What is the timescale for you to investigate accounts please ???

    1. Hi Paul! Each individual scenario may be different, as some are more complicated than others. If your ticket was closed but your issue not resolved, please open another ticket and let them know.

    1. Hello! If you’ve lost bitcoins directly due to our security issue, please submit a support request. If you’ve already submitted one, please know our team is responding as quickly as possible to all requests regarding this issue.

  14. Had $12 in BTC sent to 19D4zeEVHZ3cLnHk3Qp5DuTBegk9M297Wv and then I read this about the security issue and I have yet to recieve any of my bitcoin because of this issue. What can be done?

  15. Hi Alyson is there a problem about getting refunds i lost 17 bitcoins because of the security issue my whole balance gone. I had a message from Mandrik saying i been refunded i have checked and i have received nothing i also sent a screenshot of my wallet my latest ticket number is #32667
    Thanks Paul

    1. Hi i need to speak to someone urgently and not just support apparently a message was sent supposedly from me on 15th Dec requesting you send a refund of bitcoin. Well 100% i didn’t send it and now you have sent 17 bitcoins to a hacker im very unhappy as due to your security i lost my coins in the first place and now they been refunded to the wrong person i don’t even know the bitcoin address there sent to. And i have not even told you where to send i was waiting for you to ask me. Please advise urgently
      Thanks Paul

      1. Hi Paul!

        Regarding ticket #32667, I see that Mandrik did send you a refund, and we can view that it was sent on the blockchain and received at the address you had specified to Mandrik. Unfortunately, we can’t re-send refunds that have already been sent.

  16. i made two spends from my blockchain wallet today
    at 10 am cst and neither one has a single confirmation yet.
    please check support ticket #32677

  17. 15k4o3f94RoKNBxi6hTfSsacTa6rD2cZXZ –> 1PLn3ru1n7wERPP1BLVV9oAEGGuXUP1eoC (Contact Blockchain Support ) 0.00082701 BTC

    what the hell?

    1. Your address was tagged because it was created during the time period specified in the above article and was insecure. Please contact support so they can provide you with all details on how you can reclaim any stolen funds and / or to understand how to proceed. Thanks! 🙂

  18. sir i have blockchain app in my mobile unfortunatly i clicked on unpair device after that it showing create new wallet and connect exiting wallet… sir plzz help m for recover my lost wallet thank you

  19. hi i had my bitcoins address made 4 days back and had funds in that but today when i sign in my bitcoin adrees suddenly disapears with my wallet id and password remains the same… please let me know how can i get my adress back… how can i get back my coins… reply fast please

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