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Improved Security for Tor Users

In response to recent attacks on Blockchain users by malicious Tor exit nodes, Blockchain has begun working with some of the world’s leading Tor Project researchers and security experts to improve security for users that choose to utilize Tor’s privacy enhancing software.

We are happy to announce our new .onion address – blockchainbdgpzk.onion.

This address is further secured by an SSL certificate. The certificate was issued by Utah-based Certificate Authority, DigiCert – the company also provided the SSL certification for Facebook’s recently launched .onion. We are grateful that Digicert decided to pioneer with both Blockchain and Facebook by issuing the first two SSL certifications in the world for .onion address.

Over the weekend, we announced via Twitter that Tor users could gain access to Blockchain via blockchatvqztbll.onion.

While this address will continue to be valid, going forward we suggest using our new address: **blockchainbdgpzk.**onion, which is easier to recognize. Both addresses belong to and will continue to be valid.

If you choose to use Tor, we strongly advise that you access it via blockchainbdgpzk.onion and check your address bar to ensure you are on a valid and trusted connection to the Tor network.

For further reading about these changes, please read Nik Cubrilovic’s article: Securing Users with Tor and SSL.