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Blockchain API Profile: BitPagos

Continuing our API series, this week we are introducing a company whose efforts is rooted in spreading the value of cryptocurrencies throughout Latin America.

Sebastian Serrano, CEO, joins us for a quick chat to learn more about BitPagos, a company that is showing merchants and consumers the benefit of bitcoin, as an alternative to traditional banking and government-issued currency.

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**Alyson: Give us the scoop on BitPagos!**

Sebastian: BitPagos is a payment processor focused in Latin America and countries with weak currencies, high inflation rates or poor payment infrastructure.

A: What was the driving inspiration to launch or become a part of BitPagos?

S: I was born in Argentina and have seen many financial crises in my country.

I think bitcoin is a great alternative in countries with vicious cyclical periods of high inflation and also a great reason to bring people without access to financial services directly to the online economy.

A: Can you tell us what makes BitPagos stand out from other similar services?

S: Aside from the bitcoin payment processing capabilities of every Bitcoin payment processor, BitPagos is also able to process traditional forms of online payment like credit cards and payout in Bitcoin which is particularly interesting in any country with high inflation.

A: Do you provide payment processing for storefront merchants, or is it only online merchants?

S: Both; we have merchants from big online e-commerce like to restaurants, hotels and taxi drivers.

A: What role does the Blockchain API fulfill for BitPagos?

S: While we have our own internal API to monitor the blockchain, we use’s API as a second source of backup.

A: Why did you decide to use the Blockchain API?

S: At the time we started to use the Blockchain API, it was the only API, so you can say Blockchain is the original and most reliable API in the ecosystem.

A: Where can we point our users to learn more about the impressive contribution BitPagos has made towards bitcoin growth within Latin America?

S: These are two articles covering some storefronts in Buenos Aires; they all use BitPagos.

Accept Bitcoin: Subway Franchise in Argentina Goes Crypto Bitcoin

Tour Buenos Aires: A Day without a Peso

A: If the Blockchain team were to visit Latin America, can you recommend to us any must-visit places that accept bitcoin?

S: You definitely need to visit a restaurant called AntiDomingo, which is the place bitcoin community members gather, every Sunday, and the Bitcoin Center where many bitcoin companies work from and meetups are held.

*If you’re ever visiting Buenos Aires or surrounding areas, we hope you bring your bitcoin wallet! *

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