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Blockchain in the Media – November Edition

Welcome to our monthly Blockchain in the Media post, where each month we like to share articles that have been published where Blockchain has been featured or mentioned. Here are just some of those articles; if you write about Blockchain, please get in touch, we’d love to include the article in our edition next month.

Bitcoin Kings: Why Digital Currency Isn’t Mainstream Yet

Blockchain CEO Nic Cary, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire and Coinbase’s Adam White discuss the Bitcoin wallet business and prospects for the digital currency. They speak with Erik Schatzker from the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas on “Market Makers.”

NYU Hackathon Heralds New Generation of Bitcoin Apps

Blockchain President Peter Smith said the company believed in supporting more developers entering the bitcoin universe, particularly students. “To be successful as a company and as an industry, we’re going to need an incredible amount of talented developers working on bitcoin.”

Money20/20 Announces Winners of the Inaugural Money20/20 Hackathon

The Money20/20 Hackathon took place in November, with challenges to develop a variety of FinTech applications using APIs, SDKs and other tools presented by the following sponsoring companies: Bionym,,, Feedzai, Intuit, MasterCard, Mercury Payment Systems (a Vantiv company), ModoPayments and PayPal.

Regulation Takes Center Stage at Bloomberg Bitcoin Event

The first panel, ‘Bitcoin as a Technology’, featured Chain CEO Adam Ludwin, BitGo CEO Will O’Brien, Ribbit Capital partner Nick Shalek and Blockchain President Peter Smith. Ludwin kicked off proceedings aiming to dispel any notions that bitcoin and the blockchain could be separated. He addressed the Goldman Sachs report on digital currencies issued earlier this year which expressed interest in the blockchain, but not the digital currency. Smith called it a “fashionable” sentiment in the FinTech community right now.

#BitcoinConf Paris Preview: A “Digital Revolution in Money”

Nicolas Cary, CEO of, will deliver the opening keynote address with an “International Review: Bitcoin Stories from Across the Globe.” We also asked Cary to share some of his thoughts on recent industry events.

Web Summit 2014 Final Day Review

Peter Smith from Blockchain talked about the company and its journey to 2.5+ million users. He placed emphasis upon what Bitcoin brings to countries and continents where access to conventional banking is expensive and out of reach to a significant range of the population.

Where the Price of Bitcoin is Headed: Insiders – and a Contrarian – Forecast the 12-Month Price Target

Peter Smith, President of Blockchain, was significantly more conservative. “I think that people are comfortable with the $350-$450 price range right now,” he said. That would keep the price right around where it currently is.

The Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group hosting four Bitcoin education events in November

Some renowned Bitcoin personalities that are on the list are Nic Cary, Jon Lee, and Vlad Zamfir, who are going to going to give students a crash course in cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship opportunities for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Blockchain CEO Nic Cary will speak at the Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences.