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Bitcoin News for the week of 11/24/14

There was lots of news going around this week in bitcoin, including a big update on the Mt Gox liquidation and investigation. Other good news included that the American Red Cross announced that they began accepting bitcoin, which serves as a primer for nonprofits to get into the bitcoin donation space. We also posted another article in our Blockchain Meet the Team series. Check out the all the news and more below.

#McDHack14: McDonald’s Hackathon in London

About 250 young entrepreneurs and hackers signed up for the McDonald’s Hackathon in London, which ran from November 21st to the 23rd. Blockchain’s Nicolas Cary and Matt Tuzzolo were present at the 48 hour event, while developer Kevin Houk remained available to provide on-call remote support and mentoring for participants in the competition.

The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) announces New Speakers

More than 1500 bitcoin community members will soon be converging on Miami for a direction-setting conference aimed at driving the currency from speculation to mainstream. Building on the recent success of The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) in 2013 and 2014, TNABC Miami will hit Miami Beach on January 16 – 18, 2015 at the historic Fillmore Theatre in Miami Beach. Blockchain’s Nicolas Cary will be speaking at the event, along with other leaders in the bitcoin space.

Kraken Selected to aid MtGox Liquidation and Investigation

Kraken, a San Francisco-based bitcoin exchange, is pleased to announce that it has been selected to support the investigation of missing bitcoin and the distribution of remaining assets to the creditors. This decision comes after an extensive evaluation process where multiple companies were considered and thoroughly vetted.

Let’s Make Bitcoin The Biggest Humanitarian Tool The World Has Ever Seen

The bitcoin ecosystem has already discovered ways to become a crucial part of the global humanitarian community that assists these efforts and fills the civic gap that occurs in the midst of ubiquitous threats like violent conflict, weather-related disasters and exported extremism and disease. This may be bitcoin’s most important role to date.

Red Cross illustration courtesy of

American Red Cross Now Accepts BTC and Taking Part in ‘Bitcoin Black Friday’

The American Red Cross is partnering with leading Bitcoin payment solutions provider BitPay to enable donations in the digital currency. The humanitarian organization said it will be participating in “Bitcoin Black Friday.”

Bitcoin Accepted Into the Mainstream

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the institutional and retail markets have yielded to Bitcoin and accepted it as a viable commodity. Indeed, whether you like it or not, both Wall Street and Main Street are working to make bitcoins easier to trade and use for payments.

Can bitcoins catch on with consumers? This VC’s betting on it

Bitcoin is alive, well, and ready to be spent. That’s the thinking of Adam Draper, 28, who’s Boost VC accelerator will now focus exclusively on all things bitcoin, the digital currency that has become notorious for allowing anonymous purchases. Draper is betting bitcoin will soon appeal to mainstream consumers wanting to make secure purchases without expensive bank or credit card fees.

NCR Says Merchants Prefer Bitcoin to Apple Pay

In another positive development for bitcoin, POS solutions provider NCR Silver has declared that Bitcoin has been the most well-received alternate method of payment by merchants. That is according to product manager Reggie Kimble.

Meet the Team: Interview with Blockchain Operations Specialist, Esther Park

Our second interview in our Meet the Team series is a chat we had with Esther Park, one of our Operations Specialists at Blockchain. Read on to learn more about Esther, her role at Blockchain and beyond!

Bitcoin out of 100 Rubik’s Cubes

Check out this YouTuber Kyudan, who was able to make the Bitcoin logo out of one hundred Rubik’s Cubes in fifty seconds! It’s quite the accomplishment, and very creative.

Redditor says Western Union demanded takedown of this Bitcoin ad mocking the company

A lot of people — myself included — see Western Union as one of the companies most vulnerable to disruption by Bitcoin. Western Union allows people to send money around the world, but it’s somewhat slow and expensive. Bitcoin boosters say their technology can do the same thing faster, and for a fraction of the price. One Bitcoin enthusiast made a graphic to illustrate the point.

Approximately 70% of all bitcoins have not moved in 6 or more months

Back in May I published a blockchain analysis piece on CoinDesk that utilized graphs created by John Ratcliff.  Ratcliff published several new charts yesterday that provide a fuller picture of this overall movement.

Quick Bit: Bitcoin Watch-Only Addresses

Welcome to our Quick Bit series, where we provide you with quick and easy tips that explain one specific feature of our products and services. In this Quick Bit, we will discuss what and how to use bitcoin watch-only addresses.