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Bitcoin News for the week of 10/27/14

From bitcoinween, to hacker dreams – this week in bitcoin had some ups and downs as most weeks in bitcoin do. We said farewell to Bitcoin Foundation executive director, Jon Matonis, and welcomed in new faces and names to the bitcoin ecosystem, who are helping to invest and build new and exciting products. Let’s get into the news!

Bitcoin pumpkins, carved for #bitcoinween

Blockchain CEO is giving a bitcoin charity donation for #Bitcoinween

To help celebrate Halloween, Blockchain CEO Nicolas Cary is going to make a generous personal donation of $500 BTC to a nonprofit for the best bitcoin or Blockchain inspired pumpkin carving. Pictured above are just some of the submissions on Twitter.

UBS CIO: Blockchain Technology Can Massively Simplify Banking

According to Oliver Bussmann, CIO of Swiss bank UBS, the biggest disrupting force is the blockchain – the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, the electronic-only currency which is created on computers and isn’t controlled by any government or centralized authority.

Hacker Dreams Up Crypto Passport Using the Tech Behind Bitcoin

If bitcoin’s true believers ever found their tax-free libertarian utopia, Christopher Ellis could be in charge of the passport office. Ellis has built software that lets anyone create what he calls a “World Citizenship” passport. Using PGP encryption software and the bitcoin blockchain—a cryptographically secured public ledger that runs on machines across the internet—the project creates a mathematically iron-clad identification paper that would be extremely difficult, perhaps impossible, to fake.

Now you can buy bitcoin along with your snacks and sodas in 3,000 Taiwanese convenience stores

Taiwanese bitcoin exchange Bitoex has partnered with Family Mart, the East Asian convenience store chain, to enable bitcoin purchases through the stores’ digital kiosks. In all of Family Mart’s 2,986 outlets in Taiwan, customers can punch in “BTC” on the machines and then pay for bitcoin at the counter.

LedgerX Gets Google, Lightspeed Backing to Set Up Regulated Bitcoin Options Exchange

Startup LedgerX LLC has raised funding from Google Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners and brought on big financial industry names to its board of directors to add a dose of legitimacy to the virtual currency space as it attempts to set up what would be the first bitcoin options exchange.

*Bitcoin Foundation illustration by *

A New Era for the Bitcoin Foundation: Matonis Passes the Torch to Patrick Murck

The Bitcoin Foundation announced that Jon Matonis would be stepping down as Executive Director. The position would be filled by Patrick Murck who had formally worked as the Foundation’s General Counsel. The Foundation stated that a new General Counsel would soon be announced.

MIT Bitcoin Project is Live – Undergraduates Receive $100 in Bitcoin

The MIT Bitcoin Project, aimed at stimulation knowledge and use of the cryptocurrency in the MIT student community, is live. All the MIT undergraduates who complete the initial survey before Sunday, November 2nd at 11:59pm will receive $100 in Bitcoin.

Andreas auction of ten trillion dollars… for charity!

Between the efforts of Jason King and Andreas Antonopoulos, Coins in the Kingdom might secure its place as the most charitable Bitcoin conference of the year. At the end of the first day of the conference, Andreas Antonopoulos was approached by Chris DeRose for a signature on a unique piece of numismatic history: a Ten Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Reserve Note.

Blockchain API Profile: Lamassu

We caught up with Zach, one of the co-founders of Lamassu, a widely-known and well-respected Bitcoin ATM brand. If you’ve ever purchased bitcoin, chances are you’ve used a Lamassu machine. Did you know these ATMs make it possible for you to buy bitcoin in under fifteen seconds?

Former S.E.C. Chairman to Advise Two Prominent Bitcoin Companies

In what virtual currency supporters say is a sign that the Bitcoin industry is maturing, several well-known financial and legal experts have joined Bitcoin companies. The latest, and arguably most prominent, is Arthur Levitt Jr., the longest-serving chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, who will serve as an adviser to BitPay, the Bitcoin payment processor, and Vaurum, an exchange for institutional investors.

FinCEN Rules Bitcoin Payment Processors, Exchanges are Money Transmitters

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has released new guidance for custodial bitcoin exchanges and payment processors, ruling that such companies may be considered money services businesses under US law.

Quick Bit: Understanding Bitcoin Transaction Fees

This Quick Bit is intended to help you learn about bitcoin transaction fees. Bitcoin transaction fees are one of the many benefits for consumers and merchants to utilize bitcoin, and is an attractive aspect of the digital currency.

‘Bitcoin Billionaire’ from Noodlecake is the Hottest Way to Mine Fake Bitcoins Since ‘Hodappy Bird’

Noodlecake Games and FizzPow Games are ready to pull some oneupmanship with their upcoming game Bitcoin Billionaire. The more bitcoins you mine in the game, the more upgrades you can buy, allowing you to mine while the game is closed, and to mine faster – coming soon!

By the way, did you know that six years ago Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin Whitepaper?

Although many celebrate the date the first bitcoin genesis block occurred, which was on January 3, 2009 – it was actually six years ago that Satoshi published the Bitcoin Whitepaper, on October 31, 2008. Here’s to six years, and many more!