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Blockchain API Profile: Lamassu

Welcome to the second post in our API profile series, where we feature awesome products and services that use the Blockchain API to help create something exceptional. This time we caught up with Zach, one of the co-founders of Lamassu, a widely-known and well-respected Bitcoin ATM brand.

If you’ve ever purchased bitcoin, chances are you’ve used a Lamassu machine. Did you know these ATMs make it possible for you to buy bitcoin in under fifteen seconds?


Lamassu was cofounded by brothers Josh and Zach Harvey in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Alyson: Tell us about what Lamassu is all about! What inspired you and Josh to launch Lamassu?

Zach: Lamassu is about creating a seamless switch between cash and Bitcoin. We try to treat cash as mini paper wallets that everyone in the world has already adopted. Our Bitcoin machine is the first step of that, making it very easy for anyone in the world with cash to get Bitcoin. We put a lot of thought into user experience, starting from the design of the machine and down to every user interface screen.

Our Bitcoin machine started as a concept project; it was a little orange box that solved a problem we were having as Bitcoin enthusiasts. It was hard to get Bitcoin. It worked so well and got so much attention, that we decided to drop everything to make a product version everyone could use.

A: How is a Lamassu ATM different from other bitcoin ATMs?

Z: When we first built our orange box, we were the only ones doing it. When we sold our first machine we had one other competitor, now we have about 20-30 competitors. While no company really enjoys competition, I do appreciate how much this industry has grown in one year. What sets our machine apart is the user experience, design, build quality, our customer support and our ability to innovate our hardware instead of relying on pre-existing legacy kiosks. There is a certain Lamassu experience users cannot get from our competitors.

A: What role does the Blockchain API fulfill for Lamassu?

Z: Our operators can choose to use Blockchain wallets when they want to get up and running quickly and without the hassle of more complicated solutions.

A: Why did you choose Blockchain’s API over others?

Z: Blockchain has a reliable wallet service that we’ve been using all along, and having both a good wallet system and a good reputation is not trivial in this young industry.

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