Quick Bit: Understanding Bitcoin Transaction Fees

The latest versions of our wallet now use a dynamic fee structure (which you can read about here) to determine appropriate fees for your transactions, so some of the information in this post no longer applies.  

If you have a pending transaction that is taking an abnormally long time to confirm, it may be due to network congestion. To find out more about how network congestion can affect your transaction, check out this article in our Support Center. 

This is a Blockchain Quick Bit, where we cover the basics of a topic, or product, to help you understand it better. This Quick Bit is intended to help you learn about bitcoin transaction fees. Bitcoin transaction fees are one of the many benefits for consumers and merchants to utilize bitcoin, and is an attractive aspect of the digital currency. Currently bitcoin transaction fees can average to around .04 cents USD (or 0.0001 BTC) per transaction.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.26.33 PM
An example showing the inputs & outputs of a transaction, that included the minimum recommended fee: http://bit.ly/1tDkeiO

Bitcoin transactions are in place as an incentive to miners when validating bitcoin blocks. One of the reasons there is a fee is because the larger the transaction data size, the longer and more energy it will take miners to validate the data. Transactions with higher transaction fees tend to be validated faster in the blockchain. Conversely, transactions with low or zero transaction fees tend to be validated more slowly, or eventually will get rejected.

It is extremely important to note that a transaction may be safely sent without fees if these conditions are met (source: Bitcoin Wiki)

  • It is smaller than 1,000 bytes.
  • All outputs are 0.01 BTC or larger.
  • Its priority is large enough (see the Technical Info section below)
Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.00.07 PM
Our Custom Send feature allows you to specify your own fee; we recommend 0.0001 BTC as a minimum fee.

If you are unsure about the size of your transaction, it is very affordable and worthwhile to include transaction fees with your bitcoin transactions. It helps to increase the likelihood that your transaction will be processed quickly. Technically, a transaction can be processed with zero mining fees, but there’s a chance that miners won’t validate the transaction, as there is no incentive for them to do it.

Luckily, the Blockchain Wallet by default includes the appropriate amount of transaction fees using Quick Send. If however you are using Custom Send, you will have to enter in the transaction fee amount manually. To read more about sending bitcoins through the Blockchain Wallet, please read our tutorial.

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55 thoughts on “Quick Bit: Understanding Bitcoin Transaction Fees

  1. Transaction still unconfirmed after 12 hrs+… I paid miners fee of 0.0002, the transaction is only 258 bytes, yet it says the transaction is non standard and has very small output… What does this mean?… I am trying to send coins to local bitcoins

    1. Hi there! Do you have a link to the transaction in question?

      An unconfirmed transaction will eventually be accepted into a block by whichever mining pool mines the block, or the transaction will eventually be rejected by the Bitcoin network after an estimated one to seven days. If it eventually is rejected, then the funds would remain at the bitcoin address they were sent from. The only thing you can do at this point is to wait and see if the transaction is accepted into a block. Like all wallet providers, Blockchain.info has absolutely no control over this, and cannot expedite transactions. This is always dependent upon the bitcoin network of miners, of which we are not a part of.

  2. Transaction still unconfirmed after 1 day ?
    74545a349e38e0bf505e61e01 …
    Submit Time
    2015-12-05 16:52:04
    The transaction has not been confirmed!
    Doubling listings
    No double spending detection
    Transaction fees
    0.0001 BTC
    Network communication
    0% – 1 Nodes – (very poor)

    1. Hi there!

      Transaction times can vary greatly depending upon several different factors. If for whatever reason, your transaction doesn’t confirm, it will be rejected by the network. If this happens your funds will “re-appear” at the address you sent them from, so no bitcoins will be lost. If you’d like more feedback on this, please reach out to our support staff. It’s likely they will ask you for a link to the transaction in question, so please have that ready. You can open a support ticket here. Thanks for reaching out!

  3. if the deal is rejected, the funds will automatically be credited back to the balance of the wallet in the blockchain ?

    1. Yes. If a transaction does not confirm and is rejected by the network, the funds will re-appear at the address they were sent from. 🙂

  4. how long can the transaction be confirmed ? what is the maximum period that it was canceled ? how much time is required to retrieve the funds back to the wallet ?

    1. A bitcoin transaction can take a varied amount of time to confirm. It can be hard to specify an exact time. Under ideal conditions it can be within minutes, but in some cases it can take longer. The longer cases are usually the exception. As soon as the transaction is rejected, the funds will re-appear at the address they were sent from.

      1. it is very inconvenient that transactions often takes a long time now been six hours as my Bitcoin address is not reached in this regard, I am certain financial losses

        1. Hi there!

          Transaction speed can vary for a variety of reasons. Have you reached out to our support staff for help or advice on this? While we don’t have control over how quickly a transaction can confirm, we can help advise you on why this particular transaction may be taking longer and how to avoid this for future transactions. Feel free to contact support here! Thanks 🙂

  5. This is almost 24 hours with 142 confirmation…
    12xm3pA23Ck1vZDUsnZRaiHEvqH4BLWukh (0.02810252 BTC – Output)
    14fcPcQRuvCYPATAfDCXqokdH1vQKNdAdo (www.eBitInvest.com Investments) – (Unspent) 0.02800252 BTC
    Sent Time
    2016-02-08 07:19:52 (+49 minutes to confirm)
    142 Confirmations
    Double Spend
    No Double Spend Detected
    Transaction Fee
    0.0001 BTC

    1. Hi Mary! When a transaction is confirmed, that means it has been successfully received at the destination address. Based on the tag on the destination address, it looks like you were using a third party service called eBitInvest.com. Unfortunately, this is a situation where we’d first recommend you contact the third party for assistance because the transaction itself was successful & there may be other variables on their end as to why you have not yet received your payment. Also, prior to using any site for investment purposes, we highly recommend checking out reviews and experiences of other users. Thanks for reaching out!

  6. Please help me..

    My walet in blockchain status uncoform more than 24 hours.

    this is my account walet blockchain:

    my third hash is uncoform:




    Please Help me.. thank you very much.

    1. Hi Riady!

      I see the first and third transactions have not yet confirmed. This could be due to many different variables on the Bitcoin Network, however it looks like your transactions indicate they are likely to be confirmed soon. If these transactions don’t confirm, they will reject, but no funds will be lost. Here is some additional information about transaction confirmation time. I hope this helps! Thanks for contacting us 🙂

    1. Hi Svetlana!

      Are you asking if transactions can be canceled once initiated? The Bitcoin network is designed to make chargebacks impossible. In other words, we can’t reverse or cancel a bitcoin transaction once it has been initiated. If you have any additional questions, please check out our Support Center. Thanks!

    1. Hi there!

      If you sent a transaction with a lower than recommended fee, there is still a possibility it will confirm. But if it doesn’t, the transaction will be rejected by the network and the funds will re-appear in the balance of the same address you tried to send them from. At that point you can attempt to send the funds again with the appropriate fee. 🙂 I hope this helps!

  7. Transaction unconfirmed after 6 h


    2016-02-29 12:46:58
    1108 kbyte
    0.0002 fee
    No Double Spend
    0% – (very poor)

    1. Hi! I see your transaction was rejected. This means the funds will again be available at the address you initially tried to send from. The Bitcoin Wiki has some helpful additional info about fees that may be helpful. 🙂

      1. Please help me. i have not confirmed my transaction. Although i have pay the transaction fee. but it still pending and not confirm for me. What should i do? Please advise me

        1. Hi Emily! There could be a variety of reasons for this, including 1) the size of the transaction in bytes, 2) if your transaction consists of many tiny inputs and outputs, 3) the size of the fee you’ve included, 4) if you’re spending funds that are still awaiting confirmation in a previous transaction, etc. If your transaction still hasn’t confirmed, you can contact our support staff so they can provide some insight. Be sure to provide a link to the transaction in question when you contact them. Also keep in mind, we can’t confirm or speed up the confirmation of a bitcoin transaction; we can only provide insight as to why your transaction hasn’t confirmed yet. If your transaction doesn’t confirm it will be rejected by the network and the funds will once again reflect at the address they were sent from. I hope this helps. Thanks 🙂

  8. Hello there,here is my problem needing your assistance. My transaction of sending bitcoins couldn’t reach the address I sent for two days and now the transaction record has vanished which didn’t leave a tiny little clue in my page. Moreover, the fund which should be sent back to my address is still out somewhere, without be seen in my wallet. It’s been over 8 hours and I hope you could help me out of this. Thank you so much! My wallet address: 144DZLpU7go4YnkQNKLxDcwXpGkhaFDi2R

  9. please help,
    I dont understand why is both my transaction stuck and it never happen before, i try second transaction it still same, it says non standard transaction?
    1st trx : 49fce684a93148cf01ae8106d60ddf53e97c1c75dc2f072a91a5555010f4c4b1
    2nd trx : 5fe95a838967f4abb7dc0f86b2760f40421a19193e849c70970fcb467f1f8652

    what wrond did i do?

    1. Hi Felix!

      This could be for several reasons, but please contact our support staff so they can look into this further for you. You can contact them here. Thanks 🙂

  10. ma transaction est en attente depuis ce midi, est-ce normal ?
    il n’y a encore aucune confirmation, que dois je faire ?

    Merci de faire le nécessaire.

    1. Hi Guillaume! Sorry to hear about the issue with your transaction.

      Transaction confirmation time can vary for several different reasons. If it still hasn’t confirmed, please reach out to our support staff so they can look into your issue. You can open a ticket here.

  11. I’m just curious about the transaction fee. I sent 0.49 cents and was charged 0.22 for this transaction, is that correct. For every transaction I’m going to have to pay 40% of what I intend to send? Should I manually change the miners fee ?

    1. Hi Tyrel! Our new wallet uses Dynamic Fees, which uses a different method to determine how big a fee to include. This is to make sure your transactions confirm more consistently and reliably. You can read about how dynamic fees work here. To answer your question, you won’t have to pay a 40% fee for each transaction. The fee that is determined is based on the volume of traffic on the bitcoin network at that time (high or low traffic), and also the size of the transaction in bytes. There is also an option to Customize your transaction, which will allow you to manually adjust the miner’s fee. Be careful with this feature, because you want to make sure you don’t include too small a fee that could cause your tx to take an extended time to confirm or possibly cancel.

    1. Hi there! I took a look at your transaction, and can see that the reason why it hasn’t confirmed is because it’s trying to spend an output that hasn’t confirmed from a previous transaction. The output that hasn’t confirmed yet will have a red U next to it: https://blockchain.info/tx/3b78119a9aceeef13bd77b1023c9ad82baa4e4a9721baeae7da2f1a1bb59914d. I looked up the transaction history at your address and can see you have many transactions that haven’t confirmed. They all either have a warning indicating its trying to spend from a transaction that hasn’t confirmed yet, or that an insufficient fee was included (like this transaction). You need to make sure you’re including a sufficient fee, and waiting for a confirmation before you spend funds that haven’t been confirmed yet by the network.

      If your transactions end up rejecting, all the funds will return to the addresses they were initially sent from. If you sent them from your wallet, when the transaction cancels the funds will “re-appear” again in your wallet.

      1. Thanks for your quick respond.
        I have one more question about this point
        >>>If your transactions end up rejecting, all the funds will return to the addresses they were initially sent from.
        How can I know that where is the initial addresses that sent to me. I bought bitcoin some where in the internet and I didn’t know how to get my bitcoin back if this issue really happened. I’m getting panic with this

        1. If you sent a transaction from Wallet A to Wallet B, and that transaction rejects, the funds will show up again in Wallet A after the transaction is rejected. Unfortunately, this can get very confusing the longer the chain is when you have several unconfirmed transactions waiting back to back. If you bought bitcoin somewhere online, and you are waiting for those transactions to confirm, I recommend reaching out to the company you bought bitcoin from to find out what their policy is regarding rejected transactions.

          1. Dear, Thanks for support!

            Today I got some emails from blockchain
            Transaction Confirmation Failed

            A transaction made through Blockchain.info has been removed from our database because it was taking a long time to be included in a block.

            Any funds have been returned to your wallet and you can now spend the coins again. Please consider including a larger fee in future transactions.

            1PNTmSoWKHzZaMzNczdLkdimKjRro9uDPe 2 BTC
            I didn’t know where is the bitcoin now. what is the original address. In this case could you give me advice how to do. How to make a transaction safe.
            We are really getting worry with this now. In the future if this thing happen. I think It is hard for community to use bitcoin. And lots of people might use it to cheat the community.
            I think it is better that blockchain network only accepted bitcoin that is confirmed.

            Please give me advice.
            Thank you

          2. The funds would be at the address you initially sent the funds from, but if you sent multiple transactions that ended up rejecting, you’d need to figure out the first transaction you sent in that chain of unconfirmed transactions that rejected. If you want to increase the likelihood that your transaction will confirm, you need to ensure you include an adequate fee. Our new wallet uses dynamic fees which will increase the consistency and reliability of your transactions. You can read more about dynamic fees here. Please reach out to our support staff if you have any additional questions – https://support.blockchain.com/. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi there! I see your transaction was rejected, which can happen for various reasons. The funds will re-appear at the address they were sent from. Please visit our support center if you require assistance with a future transaction 🙂 https://support.blockchain.com

        1. Hi there! The transaction fee doesn’t depend upon how much bitcoin you’re sending, but moreso how many inputs the transaction will consist of. If you are using many small inputs, the size of the transaction in bytes will increase. This will cause an increase in the fee. Check out our post on dynamic fees for a bit more information on how this all works: https://blog.blockchain.com/2016/03/16/introducing-dynamic-fees/ 🙂

  12. please help. i have made 2 transaction since yesterday.
    1 transaction already more than 24 hours, and another one is around 12 hours.
    both transactions are still UNCONFIRM TRANSACTION.
    please help!
    please check. I am in urgent. thank you

    1. Hi Windy! If you have a transaction that is unconfirmed, any additional transaction made with those funds with also remain unconfirmed. For help with your transaction, please reach out to our support staff here. Thank you!

    1. Hi Borislav! I see your transaction has still yet to confirm, and it seems to be related to the very small 2nd output in your transaction. If you visit the transaction link and hover your mouse over the triangle with the exclamation point to the right of the Estimated Confirmation Time, you can see the full explanation. I recommend you reach out to our support staff for further assistance. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Tran! I can see several issues with the transactions you’ve sent. If you visit each of them at the links you’ve shared, the reasons for the delayed confirmation time are indicated when you hover over the triangle with the exclamation point to the right of Estimated Confirmation Time. I recommend you reach out to our support staff for further assistance regarding these transactions. You can reach them here. Thanks, Tran 🙂

  13. http://postimg.org/image/8vi79t6tt/
    transaction not yet confirm.. is this normal.? because we are dealing with client money. I dont want they dont believed us later .. we need send out btc.. but after 12 hours also the transaction not yet comfirm.. what should i do.? if it clearly state rejected.. i can bnk in back to my client. but now it’s just like stucked there .. im confused !

    1. Hi there! I recommend reaching out to our support staff regarding your transaction. Please include a link to the transaction(s) in question. If the transaction doesn’t confirm it will reject, in which case the funds will be returned to the address they were sent from. You can contact support at https://support.blockchain.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Thanks!

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