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Bitcoin News for the week of 10/20/14

This week in bitcoin had a whole plethora of events and news headlines that we are able to share with you. Pictured below, Roger Ver demo’s the Blockchain Wallet at Korea University. In addition, sidechains made big headlines this week, as innovation in the bitcoin space continues to develop and bring exciting new ideas. Check out all the news below. Enjoy!

Roger Ver demonstrates the Blockchain Wallet, photo courtesy of

Asia’s Largest Business Forum Shines Spotlight on Bitcoin

Bitcoin made a prominent mainstream appearance in South Korea last week at a special session of the 15th annual World Knowledge Forum in Seoul. The largest business forum in Asia, WKF is a prestigious three-day event designed to foster discussion about the future and potential major issues that may arise.

Bitcoin Coding Allstars Launch Sidechains Project to Boost Innovation

Some of the biggest names in bitcoin’s coding community have unveiled a new cryptocurrency software project that’s likely to cause a stir. The so-called sidechains project was officially launched Wednesday with a whitepaper that proposes the creation of new sideline versions of bitcoin’s “blockchain” transaction ledger.

Tree Chains vs. Side Chains: The Controversy Explained

You’ve probably heard about concepts called “side chains” or “tree chains,” and may even be given to understand that there’s some debate over which of them ought to be added to the Bitcoin protocol. What you probably haven’t heard is a succinct explanation of what they do, why we’d want them, or how they work. Today, we’ll be providing a simple run down about how both of these protocol proposals would operate, and what you, the user, could expect from them.

Blockchain API Profile: CoinTap

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with CoinTap’s CTO, Mark Rajpal. Continue reading to see how our conversation went, learn about Canadian-based company, CoinTap, and how the Blockchain API provides CoinTap with tools essential to its operation.

Bitnet Lands $14.5 Million Series A Funding to Rival Coinbase, BitPay

A group of traditional payments veterans has raised $14.5m to launch Bitnet, a bitcoin payments processor that aims to entice the largest merchants in the world to accept bitcoin. Led by Highland Capital Partners, Bitnet’s Series A round also included Rakuten, Japan’s largest e-commerce site. Notably, Rakuten is not only providing funding, it will use Bitnet’s bitcoin payments software.

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Proof-of-Knowledge: Andreas Antonopoulos Teaches Free Blockchain-Certified Crypto Course

It’s fitting that the world’s first college degree in cryptocurrencies is offered in Cyprus — one of the first geographical regions that widely embraced Bitcoin. The University of Nicosia in Cyprus has decided to offer a Master of Science in the study, and the program’s first course, Introduction to Digital Currencies, is available free online. The course is taught by cryptocurrency guru Andreas Antonopoulos and Ledra Capital managing partner Antonis Polemitis.

CeX to adopt Bitcoin across the UK

Second-hand electronics retailer CeX will support Bitcoin for purchases and sales at all of its centrally-owned shops in the UK from Wednesday, which it claims is the largest adoption of the digital currency on the UK high street so far. The company directly owns 30 shops and also grants franchises for around 170 more.

Bitcoin Regulation In Japan

The Japanese Government has ruled that it is not necessary to regulate sales, purchases, and/or exchanges of bitcoins. Japan has recognized Bitcoin’s great potential, and, in a gallant act of confidence, has asked members within the bitcoin industry to form a self-regulatory authority.

Pepperdine Students Bring Bitcoin to Malibu

Four entrepreneurial Pepperdine University students have launched a brokerage to exclusively handle the world’s latest category of money – bitcoins. Malibu Bitcoin is offering private exchange, cold key storage, expedited transactions, over-the-counter trading and investment advising services to its clients, as well as its bitcoin integration service to merchants and professionals to incorporate digital currency payment in to their businesses.

The 12 Best Answers from Gavin Andresen’s Reddit AMA

Bitcoin Core developer Gavin Andresen took to Reddit to engage the community in an ask-me-anything (AMA) session that tackled a variety of topics both silly and serious. In his post kicking off the session, the 47-year-old chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation detailed his contributions to the bitcoin space so far.

5 tips on making your Blockchain Wallet more secure

The wallet security of our users is extremely important to us. One of the aspects of security we stand by, is for you to have full control over your wallet and in turn, control over what level of security you’re most comfortable with. Here are five tips that we recommend using when securing your Blockchain Wallet.

Why You Can Trust the Tech Behind Bitcoin: Robinson

RRE Ventures’ James Robinson discusses the tech behind Bitcoin with Bloomberg’s Trish Regan on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Bitreserve: Our Vision

Bitreserve is a new financial system that makes using digital money secure, seamless and free. In this video, Halsey Minor, Founder and CEO of Bitreserve, walks us through some of the technological breakthroughs of the bitcoin blockchain.

This Polish Hospital Will Let Patients Settle Bills With Bitcoin

A private hospital in Warsaw, Poland, which is run by the Medicover Group, will soon let patients pay their bills in bitcoin. A bitcoin ATM planned to be launched at the facility in the near future should make that process even easier.

Privacy advocates blast New York financial regulators over Bitcoin licensing scheme

Privacy advocates ripped into financial regulators, saying potential regulations for digital currencies could harm free speech. In September, New York Department of Financial Services proposed companies wishing to do business with digital currencies like Bitcoin first obtain a license, or BitLicense, which would require applicants to submit personal information like fingerprints and head-shot photographs to the state.

10 Little Known Features Hidden Inside

Thanks to 99 Bitcoins for this article, where they share lesser known features you can find on Features include our visual representation of bitcoin nodes around the world, viewing the largest most recent bitcoin transactions and sending to multiple addresses at the same time using our wallet service.