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Bitcoin News for the week of 10/13/14

This week in bitcoin, we’ve seen milestones and new growth and development in the bitcoin landscape, which continues to expand greatly. There has also been an update on BitLicense, which many have been interested in. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the video by, which discusses the revolutionary nature of bitcoin and blockchain technology.

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How Bitcoin’s Block Chain Could Stop History Being Rewritten

Despite the recent drop in bitcoin’s price, cryptocurrency startups are now attracting more investment than ever and stories about major developments in the bitcoin ecosystem are being picked up by mainstream media on a regular basis. In this CoinDesk article, it’s discussed how blockchain technology is able to preserve history and make it impossible to erase or alter it.

The Google+ Bitcoin Community reaches 10,000 members

Congratulations to the Google+ Bitcoin Community for reaching a milestone. There are several places where bitcoiners hang out and discuss bitcoin, such as Reddit or BitcoinTalk, and Google+ has become one of those go-to places for bitcoin information.

NY state ‘BitLicense’ plan won’t impact Bitcoin software developers

Officials for the state of New York say that virtual currency software developers will not need to obtain a license to operate in the area. Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of financial services for the state of New York said digital currency software developers would not need to apply for a license to operate in the state.

BitPay Plans to Have “One Million Merchants Taking Bitcoin by the End of 2016″

Bitcoin merchant processing company BitPay has been on quite a roll.  They have been making news on a consistent basis since signing WordPress as the first major international merchant to accept bitcoin back in November of 2012.  CCN decided to catch up with BitPay’s Vice President of Marketing, Stephanie Wargo, to learn more about where BitPay and bitcoin are, and where they’re headed as we look forward to 2015.

Bitcoin Group aims to raise $20 million with ASX listing

Bitcoin Group, the entity behind Melbourne-based bitcoin arbitrage fund Bitcoins Reserve, is set to list on the ASX next month. The company wants to raise $20 million at 20 cents a share, as it looks to capitalize on short-term gains from its arbitrage fund and “medium-term” profits from bitcoin mining.

Japanese Exchange BitFlyer Raises $236k in Growth Funding

Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange BitFlyer has raised $236,000 in investment that the firm says will be used to fund additional services, as well as expansion outside Japan. BitFlyer previously raised $1.6m in July with the goal of becoming the leading player in the country’s expanding bitcoin market.

Beaming to Bitcoin: PayPal’s 15 years of Progress, Payments and People

PayPal celebrates 15 years of progress, taking readers down memory lane back to when the company first started and was called Confinity. PayPal also touches on how in 2014, they are now taking on new ventures, in particular, with bitcoin.

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The Bitfilm-Festival on Bitcoin Now Taking Place on 4 Continents, Schedule Revealed

Back in August, CoinTelegraph reported on the Bitfilm Festival and the organizers’ plans to take the event globally. Now, the schedule has been unveiled for the festival that is scheduled to take place on four continents. The Bitfilm Festival is the world’s first film festival that focuses on clips, movies, and documentaries about the new digital monetary system, Bitcoin.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The bitcoin documentary, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, debuted at number one on iTunes this week. The documentary takes viewers through the life of a programmer, Dan, where he spends his days actively involved with bitcoin.  The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin follows the stories of entrepreneurs and startups that are helping shape the new financial frontier, as well as the competitive mining market and the various subcultures within the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin Security: Keeping Your Coins in Your Wallet

A writer at CoinReport recently published an article about the importance of proper security practices to ensure the safe storage of your bitcoins. The article was directed towards those who may be new or completely unfamiliar with bitcoin. We think he did a great job explaining not only what makes Blockchain stand out from other bitcoin wallets, but why this is so important for users to know and how it can benefit them, if they decide to give bitcoin a try.

The real value of bitcoin and crypto currency technology published a new video, embedded below, that discusses the revolutionary nature of bitcoin and blockchain technology. In the video, it’s explained that “the technology behind crypto currencies such as Bitcoin will inevitably and radically change the role of traditional trusted parties such as banks, accountants, notaries, and governments.”

TED Lecturer Matt Ridley Blogs On Bitcoin Founder and Future

Prized author and Oxford Alumni Matt Ridley is an entrepreneur whose thoughts and opinions have reached millions across the world in over 30 different languages. Ridley talks about the genius of bitcoin on his blog – the trustless fusion of file sharing, cryptography and libertarian monetary policy and looks towards the decentralized future.

Why Marc Andreessen is Long on Bitcoin and Short on Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the next big thing that’s “freaking out” financial services companies right now, but in the long term, bitcoin will prove to be the real innovation, Marc Andreessen has said. Andreessen was participating in a fireside chat with Bloomberg West anchor and Studio 1.0 host Emily Chang yesterday in San Francisco on the final day of Salesforce‘s annual cloud computing conference, Dreamforce 2014.

Dorian Nakamoto Is Crowdfunding His Fight Over Newsweek’s Bitcoin Article

Almost as soon as it appeared, a March Newsweek article that called L.A’s own Dorian “Satoshi” Nakamoto “The Face Behind Bitcoin,” faced questions about its veracity. Chief among the critics was Nakamoto, who said the piece was downright wrong: The 65-year-old from Temple City had lived in a modest home and hadn’t held down a job in 10 years. If he had created the virtual currency called Bitcoin, he would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, at least on paper.