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Bitcoin Security: Keeping Your Coins in Your Wallet

A writer at CoinReport recently published an article about the importance of proper security practices to ensure the safe storage of your bitcoins. The article was directed towards those who may be new or completely unfamiliar with bitcoin. We think he did a great job explaining not only what makes Blockchain stand out from other bitcoin wallets, but why this is so important for users to know and how it can benefit them, if they decide to give bitcoin a try. Be sure to visit their site for the full article!

coinreport“Unlike the other options I will cover, they don’t control your private keys. This means that they can’t censor your payments, they can’t control your funds, and they don’t own your money. They just provide a simple and secure platform to allow you access to it. To the old-timers in the Bitcoin community, this is a big sticking point. Bitcoin’s promise was to put the owners of money back in complete control of it, and fulfills that promise.”