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Quick Bit: Viewing account information in the Blockchain Android wallet

Thanks for joining us for this Blockchain Quick Bit, where we show you quick and easy tips to help you use our products and services.

This tip is about viewing account information in our Android wallet. For the iOS version of this Quick Bit, please click here.

Why is this helpful?

The Wallet Settings menu gives you access to important account information, which includes your wallet identifier (here is an example of a wallet identifier: 6cff1a01-76fd-408d-9dde-aae2faab6dd8) or what version of our wallet you’re currently running.

With this feature, you can also make changes to your default fiat currency, your password, notification options; create a backup of your wallet, or unpair your current wallet to import a different wallet.

To access your account information and settings, tap on our menu on the top left corner of your wallet’s home screen.

A menu will pop up identical to the menu in the screenshot below.

Tap on Wallet Settings to view all the information and options mentioned above.


We hope this Quick Bit was helpful!

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