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Product Update: Changes on Android

A new update is available for the users of our Android wallet; find it here, in the Google Play Store.


Key changes in this update include a new transaction feed (as pictured above), which allows you to view all of your wallet transactions starting from the most recent. You can view this new feature in the balance screen, by switching from your balance to the transaction feed. The transaction activity screen will now also display the entire bitcoin address, instead of a portion.

Here are other important changes:

  • Send by SMS transaction fee is now fixed to always send 0.0001 BTC
  • Send by email transaction fee is now fixed to always sent 0.0001 BTC
  • Send to text input now accepts typed in email addresses or any internationally formatted telephone number.
  • Send button changes state from inactive to active as soon as a valid destination is entered and the amount is not empty.

While you’re at the Google Play Store, why not give our Android wallet a review?

As always, if you require any assistance using our apps, please submit a support request.