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Bitcoin News for the week of 9/29/14

Bill Gates gives praise about bitcoin and blockchain technology, Georgia Tech says they will begin to accept bitcoins, and eight politicians will receive bitcoins in the mail. These stories, and more, in this week’s bitcoin weekly round-up.

Blockchain by the numbers

It’s no coincidence that Blockchain is the most popular bitcoin wallet on the market today. Blockchain provides an easy to use, free, and secure platform for beginners to experts, to hold and spend their bitcoins. Don’t believe us? Check out this infographic!

Bill Gates: Bitcoin Is Exciting Because It’s Cheap

Bloomberg did an interview with Bill Gates, and Gates was asked about bitcoin. His answers help affirm the overall excitement about bitcoin and blockchain technology. Gates said in the interview that “bitcoin is better than currency,” and that “bitcoin technology is key.”

Georgia Tech, BitPay Announce Bitcoin Integration

Georgia Institute of Technology will be the first university in the world to integrate bitcoin payments into its stadium concession sales and campus card declining balance account program. Bitcoin point of sale devices will be located in the student section of Bobby Dodd Stadium.

Fashion Retailer Becomes Europe’s Largest Bitcoin Merchant

Online retailer has become the largest European company to start accepting payment in bitcoin. The merchant, which sells a variety of products including clothes, fashion accessories, cosmetics and homeware, is to accept bitcoin via European cryptocurrency company Paymium.

Use of bitcoin continues to grow: 41 million accounts now using the digital currency

People worldwide have opened 41 million bitcoin accounts, according to the Bank of England. While the total value of bitcoin commerce isn’t known, Gil Luria, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, estimates global spending on goods and services has doubled in the past year.

‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’ – Movie Review

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a movie that does a great job of explaining exactly what its title suggests – why Bitcoin is where it is today. It proposes that Bitcoin’s journey has just begun, and that the fundamental building blocks of Bitcoin will be far more disruptive in their component form for a long time to come.

Sir Richard Branson Favors Bitcoin In Virgin Blog Post

Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire investing-mogul behind Virgin Airlines, Virgin Galactic and a slew of other companies, recently wrote a blog titled “Why I Invest In Startups” on the Virgin official website. It’s no secret that Branson takes favor to Bitcoin as he’s been very vocal in the past and stood alongside other investors in BitPay, providing the company with $30 million.

Spain’s Bitcoin Boulevard Aims to be World’s Biggest and Best

While streets in Arnhem, The Hague and Cleveland have all hosted similar bitcoin awareness initiatives, organiser Félix Montero says his event, Calle Bitcoin, will be the world’s biggest yet. Around 200 bitcoin users are expected to attend the two-day spectacle, which is to feature a pub crawl, treasure hunt and photo competition, alongside giveaways in the digital currency.

Portugal Slated to Get First Bitcoin ATM in Lisbon

Portugal is slated to receive its first bitcoin ATM, if plans from the Bitcoin Já firm pan out accordingly. The ATM, which is unlike any bitcoin ATM we’ve seen previously, is the result of what’s been described by Bitcoin Já to be a rigorous manufacturing process. With experienced IT professionals at the helm of the project, end users can expect to interact with a feature-rich and scalable system.

Bitcoin Is Growing Up: Now You Can Hedge Your Investments

Christian Martin and Leonard Nuara are bringing an old-fashioned idea to the hip new currency: hedging. They worked for seven months to develop a U.S. dollar-bitcoin swap contract and register it with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. TeraExchange LLC, will run the first regulated trading platform where people can shed some of the risk of owning bitcoins.

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Where Can I Spend My Bitcoins in the United States?

If you want to know whether you live in a Bitcoin-friendly town, the first step is to look at a map. Seems obvious, but as more vendors come online and savvy consumers help get businesses listed, Bitcoin maps like and are gaining momentum. A quick look at CoinMap reveals some obvious and not-so-obvious Bitcoin hot spots across the United States.

For an easy way to browse for local bitcoin merchants while you’re on the go, check out our bitcoin merchant directory on iOS and Android.

What’s a Bitcoin Look Like? The Story Behind This Popular Photograph

Dozens of media outlets, including Bloomberg News, have published George Frey’s pictures of bitcoins. But if a bitcoin isn’t a physical object, what exactly are we looking at in Frey’s photographs? They’re called Casascius bitcoins, and they were minted, in a variety of metals, by software engineer Mike Caldwell at his home in Sandy, Utah.

Bitcoin Users In A Nutshell

This comedic video illustrates some of the stereotypical profiles of bitcoin users worldwide. The video animation, made by Aaron ‘Zenith’ Quinn, took three months to make and was made using Adobe Flash.

8 US Politicians to Receive Bitcoin By Mail This Week

A carefully selected group of US Congress members will soon receive bitcoin donations in the mail. For some, it will likely be the first time they come into direct contact with digital currency. Led by a Washington, DC-based political action committee (PAC) focused on bitcoin policy called BitPAC, the initiative will distribute $250 worth of bitcoin in paper wallets to eight members of Congress.

Russia to Issue Ban and Fines for Cryptocurrency Use

Russia’s Ministry of Finance has put forward what many were expecting yet also unable to believe: a ban on the use of digital currency, and the implementation of fines as an appropriate deterrent. Local media outlet reports that the regulator, which has been debating the issue of a Russian ban for some time, will officially issue legislation to be made public in due course.