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Blockchain in the Media – September Edition

Each month we like to share news bites where Blockchain has been mentioned, with our readers. In September, there were some changes with Blockchain that made headlines. Here are just some of those articles; if you write about Blockchain, please get in touch, we’d love to include it next month.

bitcoin-wallet-android Android Wallet App Gets Updated announced the release of their updated Android wallet, allowing bitcoin users easy access to their bitcoin funds. The first and perhaps most prominent change is that there’s a new menu which can be toggled from the top left (three bars). Users are presented with the following options: Merchant Directory, Address Book, Price & Charts, Wallet Settings.

BitBeat: Blockchain Adds Digital-Currency Expert Santori as Policy Counsel

Blockchain has retained Marco Santori, a well-known expert in digital currencies, as its global policy counsel, the first time the wallet-service company has retained an in-house lawyer. Mr. Santori is moving to the law firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman from Nesenoff & Miltenberg, and will be primarily focused on working with Blockchain.

Andreas Climbs the Blockchain Ladder

Andreas M Antonopoulos is probably one of the most well-known names in the Bitcoin community. [Blockchain] announced that he will be joining the Blockchain board and that “during his time as CSO, Andreas has provided expert guidance and a seasoned perspective on security, infrastructure, hiring, operations and public communications. Andreas’ keen insights, leadership and hands-on attitude have allowed Blockchain to improve risk management and security from infrastructure to operations.”

Bitcoin Economy Widens as Parents Pay Digital Allowance

“Bitcoin makes a lot more sense in emerging economies like Brazil and Argentina and Russia,” said Nicolas Cary, CEO of, a payment service. “The number of new sign-ups we see in Latin America is increasing. You are moving beyond the people placing bets to people seeing value.”

Nic Cary’s Inside Bitcoins conference keynote speech

Nicolas Cary, CEO of Blockchain, gave a very enthralling talk at the recent Inside Bitcoins London conference, where he covered all things bitcoin, the development of bitcoin, and shared some interesting stories regarding bitcoin from all over the world.

Can Britain Bank on Bitcoin?

Nicolas Cary, CEO of the Blockchain website and a US-based tech entrepreneur, believes the future of bitcoin is bright. Cary describes Blockchain as “the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet service,” which provides digital currency statistics amongst other online services.

Companies Send Free Bitcoins As Advertisements

Companies doing advertising are using online block chain explorer provider‘s ‘tag‘ feature. This feature allows the holder of a Bitcoin address to ‘tag’ their address by giving it a name and a link that will appear on whenever their address is used (e.g. when viewing a transaction that address was involved in or seeing how many bitcoins that address contains).

How Do Bitcoin Experts Secure Their Online Wallets?

This Q&A series is where we ask friends, influencers, and Bitcoin enthusiasts for practical advice, opinions, and anything and everything cryptocurrency. For this fourth installment we asked about extra precautions and safeguards for online wallets.

Blockchain’s UI has changed

Although this wasn’t an official news article, as it was published to Reddit, the front page of the internet, we wanted to share this with everyone. Blockchain made somewhat of a small change, which included adjustments to the user interface design of, to go together with the existing themes across Blockchain’s suite of tools and web properties.