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Bitcoin News for the week of 9/15/14

This week bitcoin has had quite a bit of good news, plus reasons to be happy about the digital currency and it’s successes and future. The price of bitcoin is a hot topic this week as it dropped significantly, but one cannot help but see the entire bitcoin market flourishing and see that this means more good things to come soon.

To the news this week!

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[Downward Pressures Persist as Bitcoin’s Price Declines to Near $400](

Coindesk takes a stab at the current price of bitcoin, which is down this week. Speculation over the cause of the downtrend continues to make many ponder, but at this time there is no solid reason that can be attributed to the price decline at the moment.

Overstock to Donate 4% of Bitcoin Revenue to Foundations Advocating Cryptocurrency Adoption

Overstock announced its commitment to donating 4 percent of all its global bitcoin revenues to foundations working to defend and further the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Overstock has initially selected the Chamber of Digital Commerce, known as a representative of the digital commerce industry in Washington, DC.

Banking on bitcoin? Why many more may do so soon

Blockchain CEO Nicolas Cary, points to the experience of PayPal, saying they “went from doing zero … transactions to doing a couple of million to doing 10 million to doing 100 million. Bitcoin now does 200-300 million dollars-worth of transactions a day, and the speed at which it got to that point is an order of magnitude faster than PayPal.” He believes bitcoin could match VISA and Mastercard in size – possibly within just a few years.

Interview: Martti Malmi – Founding Father of both Bitcoin and Identifi

Martti Malmi is a former computer science student from Helsinki University of Technology who nowadays works as a software developer. He is well-known for being the first person to join Satoshi Nakamoto in the development of Bitcoin. In this interview he will tell you about how it all started in 2009.

Bitcoin Think Tank Coin Center Launches with Star-Studded Support

Coin Center, a new public policy organization dedicated to digital currency research and advocacy, has launched with widespread backing from the bitcoin industry. The Washington, DC-based group is supported by prominent figures such as VC investor Marc Andreessen, SecondMarket chairman Barry Silbert, bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik and a host of the industry’s most prominent companies.

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[Gavin Andresen Signing Five ‘Hunt For Satoshi’ Comics In Memory of Hal Finney](

The creator of the bitcoin themed comic book, The Hunt For Satoshi, announced that Gavin Andresen will be signing five copies and giving them away in memory of legendary cypherpunk cryptographer, early internet pioneer and PGP creator, Hal Finney.

Assange: Bitcoin and WikiLeaks Helped Keep Each Other Alive

Julian Assange has described how bitcoin founder ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ asked him not to use the fledgling digital currency for WikiLeaks fundraising, and how going along with that request helped protect bitcoin from government scrutiny during its early days.

Quick Bit: How to create and label a new bitcoin address in the Blockchain iOS Wallet

This is a Blockchain Quick Bit, where we show you a quick and easy tip to help you use our products and services. Today we’ll show you a section of the the Blockchain iOS Wallet for creating new addresses.

Nicolas Cary on Apple Pay: “Same Old Legacy Interests, Same Old Compliance Costs”

“The block chain is the largest distributed computer network in the world,” Nicolas Cary, CEO of told the attentive audience at the recent Inside Bitcoins Conference in London. “It’s far bigger than the human genome program even. “It’s in a constant state of consensus which is an incredible thing in itself, a network, which everyone agrees on simultaneously across borders. And London is growing — turning into a hub for digital currency.”

Five Objections to Using Bitcoin We Should Finally Put to Rest

Here are the leading characters in the “Bitcoin may be evil” play that gets repeated every few weeks by governments and banks throughout the world, typically accompanied by some form of panic selling (although, like warnings about how much China hates bitcoin, less and less each time they say the same thing again and again).

Bitcoin ATMs Pop Up Across North Texas

There’s a new kind of ATM in town and it doesn’t spit out dollar bills. It’s a Bitcoin ATM – you put in dollars and it gives you a trendy digital currency that’s generated headlines. Several have launched in North Texas.

First Ottawa-based Not-For-Profit to Accept Bitcoin

On October 3rd at The SpinBin at 310 Dalhousie St., Ottawa-based not-for-profit Ottawa Charity Ping Pong will become the first organization of its kind locally to accept bitcoin donations. Many companies are turning to bitcoin as a method of payment due to its many benefits: it’s quick, it’s easy and it is less expensive than traditional payment methods. Charities who operate mostly on a donation basis rely on this source of funding to operate, making every cent valuable.

Smart People Say Dumb Things. Smart Professionals Make Money When Smart People Say Dumb Things.

Throughout history, very smart people have been skeptical of disruptive technologies. Smart professionals have capitalized on those disruptions. The Digital Currency Council is supporting those smart professionals get smarter on digital currencies.

Quick Bit: How to view bitcoin transaction details in your Android wallet

Welcome to our QuickBit series, where we provide you quick and easy tips that explain one specific feature of our products or services. In this QuickBit, we’ll show you how to view bitcoin transaction details using our wallet on Android.

Bitcoin Compliance Solutions Startup Vogogo Goes Public

Vogogo is now trading as a public company on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) under the ticker symbol ‘VGO’. Operated by TMX Group, a Canadian financial services company that oversees the Toronto Stock Exchange among other properties, the TSXV specializes in hosting small-cap stocks and provides early-stage companies the ability to raise funds from the capital markets.