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Bitcoin News for the week of 9/01/14

From IBM, to Google, to several top colleges in the United States, everyone is getting involved in bitcoin and is seeing the value. Headlines this week have been plentiful, and the bitcoin news doesn’t stop. Google search trends even show that bitcoin searches are up 26% just this week. Here are some of the top bitcoin news reports this week, all rolled up into our weekly bitcoin post for you to enjoy.

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IBM Sees Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology in Internet of Things

IBM, one of the leaders in the upcoming ‘Internet of Things’ era where most devices of everyday use would be connected to a cloud, and be able to communicate with one another, sees the future of this communication in blockchain technology, first used in Bitcoin. IBM has invested significant resources into the internet of things paradigm, and sees the blockchain technology solving some core issues, helping the ideas go more mainstream. Android Wallet App Gets Updated

This week, announced the release of their updated Android wallet, allowing bitcoin users easy access to their bitcoin funds. The update, which can be found on the Google Play Store, touts two new features, according to a blog post published Thursday by the Blockchain team.

Google Analyst: Bitcoin Could Be ‘The Internet of Money’

Bitcoin holds potential to act as “the Internet of money” if regulated correctly, according to a new report from Google policy advisor Andy Yee. In an article for Internet Policy Review, Yee, who works as an analyst for Google’s Asia-Pacific division, argues that certain sectors of the bitcoin economy should be targeted with regulation modelled on existing digital frameworks.

The MIT Bitcoin Club Awards $15K to Students Best Innovating with the Digital Currency

Before the end of the spring semester, the MIT Bitcoin Club announced it would be gifting every undergraduate with $100 worth of the cryptocurrency this fall. In the interim, however, the group didn’t make students wait for a reward. Rather, the Club awarded $15,000 in cash prizes to MIT-based developers who found the best use for bitcoin over the summer.

Top US Colleges Begin Offering Bitcoin Courses

Two top-ranked US universities, New York University and Duke University, are offering courses on cryptocurrencies for the first time. Professor Geoffrey Miller taught the first class of NYU’s new course, The Law and Business of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies.

The future of bitcoin with Nic Cary (CEO of

Here’s a talk with Blockchain CEO Nic Cary to hear the vision he has for this industry leader. Nic travels the world and some of the inspiring stories he shares as a result of bitcoin are amazing. His future predictions for smartphones and bitcoin’s ability to penetrate the third world will get you super excited for bitcoin’s future.

KnCMiner Raises $14 Million To Take Bitcoin Mining To The Moon

Swedish maker of bitcoin miners, KnCMiner, has announced a $14 million Series A to help build out new mining chips along with hosted mining services. Founded by Sam Cole and Andreas Kenner, the company raised with GP Bullhound advising. Creandum led the round.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Changing Roles at Blockchain

Blockchain is pleased to announce the changing role of Andreas M. Antonopoulos from Chief Security Officer to advisor to the Board. During his time as CSO, Andreas has provided expert guidance and a seasoned perspective on security, infrastructure, hiring, operations and public communications.

Apache Software Foundation Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations

The Apache Software Foundation is the latest not-for-profit organization to accept bitcoin donations, as pointed out by a user on The organization is well known for their catalog of open-source software, of which includes the ubiquitous Apache web server and OpenOffice suite, and users in the community have been eager to support their efforts using digital currency for quite a while.

Armory to Match 10 BTC in Donations to Hal Finney Bitcoin Fund

Armory Technologies has extended its ongoing donation drive in honor of late bitcoin developer Hal Finney. Finney, a pioneer in the field of cryptography and the first person to receive a bitcoin transaction, passed away last Tuesday at the age of 58 after a long battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Salaries paid in bitcoin a growing trend in Canada

A small but growing number of workers are rejecting Canadian dollar salaries for bitcoin, according to a Waterloo, Ont., payroll firm. Wagepoint CEO Shrad Rao said his firm came up with the cryptocurrency payment option in November last year as a side project. As the digital currency gained popularity this year, he said, employees from 10 firms have signed up for the bitcoin option, and many more are asking about it.

5 Reasons Merchants Should Start Accepting Bitcoin Now

An estimated 80,000 businesses already accept Bitcoin today, and not just as a marketing gimmick. Why not yours? Forward-thinking merchants of all sizes around the world are glomming onto the hot Bitcoin payments trend, many of them to cut costs and boost their bottom line, says Adam White, director of business development and strategy at Coinbase.

Quick Bit: How to view bitcoin transaction details in the Blockchain iOS Wallet

This is a Blockchain Quick Bit, where we show you a quick and easy tip to help you use our products and services. This quick bit is a lesser known option in the Blockchain iOS Wallet. How to view transaction details in the Blockchain Wallet.

How to choose the right bitcoin exchange

Knowing how to buy bitcoins is an essential first step in getting started. However, knowing which bitcoin exchange to choose can be one of the most important first steps. Since you are investing funds into bitcoin and the exchange from where you buy them from, making sure you are choosing the right one can be critical.

Google search for bitcoin up 26% in the last week

Google search trends show that bitcoin searches are on the rise. In fact, up significantly just this past week. What is driving the searches, it’s not easy to say for sure, but if you know, reach out to us and give us your opinion!

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Finnish Investor Plans to Turn Estonian Castle Into a Bitcoin Center

In February, Finnish silver investor and Bitcoin millionaire Risto Pietilä, purchased Malla Manor, a 600-year-old castle located in North Estonia with the ambition of turning it into an international Bitcoin supercenter. 6 months after, the Bitcoin entrepreneur talks of the reasons that lead him to such an unusual project.

Bitcoin Could Make ATM Skimmers a Thing of the Past

The ATM is one of these positive innovations that are now targeted heavily by malicious technology. There are people using things called “skimmers,” and they’ve become incredibly efficient at stealing banking information over the past decade. If Bitcoin catches a mainstream wave, it could be the answer to this problem.

Farm In Michigan Growing Local Bitcoin Economy

In Ann Arbor, Michigan there is a plot of land called Arbor Hills Farm, an organic farm that leases land from bigger property called the Tilian Farm Development Center, where vegetables and livestock are cultivated. Arbor Hills is no ordinary farm, however. They lease out land and provide fresh produce and chickens for bitcoins.