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Android Wallet Update: New menu changes, plus suggest a merchant

Our most recent Android wallet update includes some user interface changes, plus extra features we think you’ll enjoy.


New Menu

The main menu has moved! Our new menu can be found at the top left in your Android wallet. Tap the three bars on the top left of your home screen and you’ll see the following options: Merchant Directory, Address Book, Price & Charts, and Wallet Settings.

Merchant Directory

Browse our built-in directory of bitcoin-accepting restaurants, cafes, retail stores and more.

Address Book

Manage all the bitcoin addresses in your wallet, create new addresses, scan private keys and more.

Price & Charts

Opens ZeroBlock, so you can check the latest bitcoin price, news and charts.

Wallet Settings

Check your settings, like your preferred fiat currency, whether you want to receive SMS notifications, email backups and other options.

Suggest a Merchant


Did you know you can now suggest a merchant to be added to our built-in merchant directory?

It’s easy! Open up the Merchant Directory from the main menu, then tap the menu in the upper left corner; select Suggest a merchant.


Fill in all the merchant’s details in the form, such as their business name, what category they’re in, and other location information. The more information you provide, the better.

If you’re at the merchant’s location at the time of filling out this form, tap *I am here. Use my location. *This will record the latitude and longitude coordinates so we don’t have to look this up manually.

Tap Ok and you’re done! All businesses suggested will be verified as currently accepting bitcoin, before they are approved and added to our Merchant Directory.