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3 Easy Steps: Creating your new bitcoin wallet with our Android app

Being able to send and receive bitcoins is only seconds away, after you’ve downloaded and installed Blockchain’s bitcoin wallet for Android.

Did you know that you can also use our wallet on your Android tablet? In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a new wallet using your Nexus 7 tablet, with tips included on how to ensure your wallet is safe and secure.

The wallet creation process should be identical (or very close to it) for any Android device.

Step 1: Getting Started

If you haven’t yet, head over to the Google Play Store to download and install Blockchain’s Android Wallet.

Open your Blockchain app.

To create a new wallet, tap Open A New Wallet, as pictured below.


Step 2: Set your PIN Code

It’s time to create a pin! Make sure it is a unique string of four digits that you will remember. If you’re afraid you’ll forget it, write it down and store it somewhere secure, like a safe! It’s important you treat this pin number with the same significance you’d treat the pin number for your debit or credit card.

After you enter your pin a first time, you’ll then be asked to enter it again to confirm it.

A checkbox will appear at the bottom of the screen, which says that you acknowledge and accept Blockchain’s terms of service.

Put a checkmark in Accept and create wallet, and your wallet is almost ready!


Step 3: Securing Your Wallet

There are two additional security options available when setting up a new wallet.

Set Memorable Password

In the case that your phone becomes broken or lost, setting up a memorable password will allow you to access your bitcoins using our web wallet. We recommend creating a password that is a minimum of 16 characters and a combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. If you’re worried you will forget it, write it down and store it somewhere safe, where only YOU have access.

Automatic E-mail Backups

Another security option is that you can opt to receive automatic e-mail backups of your wallet, whenever the wallet is updated.

If you enable this option, it is extremely important that you have taken all steps to secure your email with a strong password and a method of two-factor authentication, if available.

Dismiss and Continue to Wallet

Wallet security is extremely important to us. If you decide not to create a password and enable automatic e-mail backups, this security features screen will come up each time you log in, as a reminder that these options are available to you. Tapping the Dismiss and Continue to Wallet button will allow you to proceed to your wallet. Avoid having to see this screen each time you open your wallet, by enabling both of these security features.

Your wallet creation is now complete! Now it’s time to explore your new Blockchain wallet!


Stay tuned for more Android wallet tutorials. We will continue covering the basics, then move on to more complex tutorials.

If you’d like to request a tutorial for our Android wallet, leave us a comment below this blog post!