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Bitcoin News for the Week of 08/11/14

Bitcoiners – it’s been an eventful week in bitcoin, especially for Blockchain. This week we reached a milestone, with two million Blockchain Wallet users and counting! Each week the bitcoin landscape can change drastically, with new merchants accepting bitcoin and news headlines pouring in. This week was no different, with more good news such as eBay in early talks to accept bitcoin, Dish began officially accepting bitcoins, and Overstock seeing the benefits of accepting the digital currency.

**To the news! **

2million surpasses two million bitcoin wallets!

On Sunday, August 10, around 3PM ET we surpassed two million wallets for our bitcoin wallet service. This is a major milestone for us and the bitcoin community as whole – bitcoin adoption is growing, faster than ever before! You can keep track of the number of Blockchain wallets too, just bookmark this chart.

Blockchain’s return to Apple ‘pivotal’: CEO

Nic Cary, CEO of Blockchain, says the re-launch of the company’s bitcoin wallet on Apple’s iOS was “pivotal” for bitcoin and important for Blockchain.

The Future of

Bitcoinist talked to Keonne Rodriguez, Project Lead at Blockchain, about reaching two million wallets and where he sees going to next.

EBay Payments Unit in Talks to Accept Bitcoin

EBay Inc. has been quietly working to integrate acceptance of the virtual currency into its Braintree payments subsidiary, part of its PayPal unit, according to people familiar with the matter. Those people said PayPal officials have meet in recent weeks with several companies that facilitate bitcoin transactions.

imgur Confirms It Will Add Bitcoin for Premium Accounts

Coin Fire has received direct confirmation from multiple company officials at imgur that they will in fact be adding bitcoin as a payment option for premium accounts on the imgur platform.

ChangeTip Brings Bitcoin Micropayments to YouTube, Google+ and Tumblr

Bitcoin tipping platform ChangeTip has announced that it is expanding its service to YouTube, Tumblr and Google+. The platform already supports bitcoin micropayments on social media sites like Twitter, Reddit and StockTwits – a popular network for traders and investors.

TV Giant DISH Launches Bitcoin Payments Program

DISH customers can now use bitcoin to pay their monthly TV bills. The Colorado-based company went live with its bitcoin payments program today as part of its previously announced third-quarter rollout, which we mentioned here in our weekly bitcoin news recap.

8,000 Convenience Stores in Argentina Now Sell Bitcoin

BitPagos has launched Ripio, a new bitcoin brokerage service that allows consumers in Argentina to buy small amounts of bitcoin at more than 8,000 convenience stores.

Illustration via
[$1 MM in BTC Sales: A Look at 3 Big Companies](

CoinTelegraph takes a closer look at Overstock, CheapAir, and TigerDirect, and how accepting bitcoins has impacted their bottom line.

Navigating our merchant directory on Android

This July, our new Android wallet launched as the first and only bitcoin wallet to include a built-in merchant directory.  The purpose of our merchant directory is to not only make it easier for consumers to find products and services to buy with bitcoin, but to give bitcoin-accepting merchants a leg up and make it known they’re happy to accept bitcoin.

How 500 Startups Helps Bitcoin Startups with $100k and Advice

Read ZapChain’s interview with Sean Percival, a venture capitalist at 500 Startups who is focused on investing in Bitcoin companies, as well as Tom Longson, a CEO of a Bitcoin company that just recently raised money from 500 Startups.

Meet Gavin Andresen, The Man Who Really Built Bitcoin

Andresen became “core maintainer”—chief developer—of the open source code that defines the rules of Bitcoin and provides the software needed to make use of it. The combination of Nakamoto’s blessing and Andresen’s years of diligent, full-time work on the Bitcoin code has given him significant clout in Bitcoin circles and stature beyond.

Circle: Thoughts on the New York BitLicense Proposal

The recent draft proposal for a BitLicense for virtual currency operators from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has elicited significant commentary and criticism from the digital currency and Bitcoin ecosystems. In addition to joining the industry in seeking an extension to the comment period as well as subsequent review and comments on future drafts, Circle is also providing detailed written comments to the NYDFS.


The Declaration Of Bitcoin’s Independence

When we say Bitcoin, we mean the idea: the birth of cryptocurrency. We know it’s not perfect. But we’re not after perfection, we’re after progression. We’re after a way out. And we will not stop.

Understanding market highs and lows

“It’s not manipulation.” Get some great insight into why the bitcoin market (and most markets) acts the way it does and we see highs and lows in the bitcoin market price.

The price of bitcoins drop as the weekend hits

Unfortunately for most, this week didn’t end well with the market taking a big dip under $500 USD. There was a lot of good news, so making sense of the market fluctuation is difficult, but if you read “understanding market highs and lows” post above, hopefully it should help shed some light on the situation.

A glimpse into the Chinese mining operation via
[Inside a Chinese Bitcoin Mine](

The Coinsman travelled to NorthEast China, and got a first-hand look inside a huge Chinese bitcoin mining operation. It’s quite surprising how big the operation is, but given how much power it takes to mine bitcoin these days, we shouldn’t be surprised at how much equipment and energy is being thrown at these types of operations.