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Navigating our merchant directory on Android

This July, our new Android wallet launched as the first and only bitcoin wallet to include a built-in merchant directory.  The purpose of our merchant directory is to not only make it easier for consumers to find products and services to buy with bitcoin, but to give bitcoin-accepting merchants a leg up and make it known they’re happy to accept bitcoin. Shortly after our strong Android re-launch, we made our return to the iOS store with an entirely new wallet, that also includes a directory for merchants. Earlier this month we showed you our merchant directory for our wallet on iOS. Both iOS and Android versions are quite similar, except for some minor differences.

Here’s a look at our merchant directory for Android using a Nexus 5!

To access your merchant directory for Android, select the options menu on the top far right of your screen, as seen here, and tap on Merchant Map:


Businesses appearing in the merchant directory are categorized by different colours and follow the same colour coordination as the iOS merchant directory.

Let’s recap: Red (Cafés/Coffee), Purple (Drinks/Brewery), Orange (Food/Restaurants), Blue (Businesses/Shops), and Green (Bitcoin ATMs).

Select one category to view merchants in one category only (we’ve selected orange in the example to your bottom right).

To view a merchant’s details, tap on their coloured marker to display a brief description of their product or service, phone number, address and website!


Et voila! The merchant directory is an amazingly useful tool that gives you the ability to see where you can spend your bitcoins, whether you’re traveling or near your home. Every merchant added to our directory is verified by us as a business that does accept bitcoin, so you don’t have to do any of the guess work. If you know of a brick and mortar merchant who accepts bitcoin, but doesn’t appear on our map, please submit their information for us to verify and add!