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Liberty Teller is bringing Bitcoin ATMs to a city near you

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Bitcoin, the thing we all cherish so dearly. It’s digital and has value, you can buy it online, and you can send it to anyone in the world in a matter of seconds. So you may be asking yourself, why use a bitcoin ATM, if I can get bitcoins online?

**The next wave for bitcoin & cryptocurrencies

Or for the longer more sensible version, people want to be able to access bitcoins anywhere, at any time. Instantly. As bitcoin’s success continues, the tools that we use to facilitate its ease of use and commerce will continue to grow exponentially. We’ve seen the growth in 2013 go to all new heights. With the first half of 2014 behind us, we are seeing new tools that are primarily focused on refining this new financial experience and technology. The massive waves of ideas, software, and mobile applications are going to make it easier to buy, sell or store your investment securely, so easy you don’t need to be a tech nerd or finance guru to join in.

At the forefront of the drive to increase consumer education and access to digital currencies are bitcoin ATMs. There are several online exchanges where you can buy bitcoins, but what if you don’t want to 2-5 days it typically takes to receive bitcoin online, how do you get bitcoin instantly so you can try it out for yourself today?

This is where Liberty Teller comes in

Chris told us that Liberty Teller is looking to solve the issue of bitcoin education and access by making purchasing bitcoin easy, convenient and enjoyable. Through Liberty Teller’s growing network they are able to place bitcoin ATMs in many high-traffic locations spreading awareness around digital currencies.

[![The reverse side of a Liberty Teller plastic wallet. ](](
The reverse side of a Liberty Teller plastic wallet.
Chris told us that their “portfolio approach allows partners to choose a bitcoin ATM that best fits their customer and business needs”. Liberty Teller prefers to develop a relationship with the business where its machines are colocated, which helps cultivate a stronger mutually beneficial partnership with higher bitcoin awareness and merchant volume.

Liberty Teller doesn’t just drop a bitcoin ATM at a location and go on their way; they vet and ensure each Liberty Teller machine contributes to a growing community of bitcoin-saavy consumers and merchants. With Liberty Teller, customers can safely try out bitcoin, with a purchase as little as a dollar; it’s quick and simple.

Liberty Teller is still growing, just like bitcoin. Right now, according to Chris, Liberty Teller has four ATMs located in the United States, in Massachusetts. There are bitcoin machines at the MIT campus, Harvard Square, Central Square and the South Station in Boston.

As part of the progression, Liberty Teller is helping to onboard new bitcoin users by continuously running bitcoin giveaways. They are giving out plastic (versus paper) wallets funded with bitcoins. “It’s a simple way to give a bit of bitcoin to those curious and welcome new people to the technology,” Chris mentioned. If you go to, there is a QR code for people to donate bitcoins to. The giveaways are community driven and anyone can donate to help fund their campaign.

Under the hood

Liberty Teller is using the Blockchain API to help facilitate the purchasing process in the bitcoin ATMs. They use the API to send bitcoins to user-specified wallets. The Blockchain Wallet API provides a simple interface merchants can use to interact with their wallet.

Liberty Teller works with different vendors, such as Lamassu or Project Skyhook, to obtain the ATMs and distribute them in areas with high traffic and customer demand. Depending on the location and the need, Liberty Teller will provide the merchant with an ATM that is appropriate and best suits their needs. As part of the bitcoin ATM experience, Liberty Teller also dispenses plastic wallets, which have a public and private bitcoin address on them. Chris explained to us that “the plastic wallets help ease people’s transition from the world of physical to digital currencies, like a debit or credit card would. It makes it easier to understand when you hold it in your hand.”

Since Liberty Teller works directly with merchants to help get them setup with bitcoin ATMs, their service is invaluable to the bitcoin community, and sets them apart from other bitcoin ATMs and vendors. This also ensures that the bitcoin experience is enjoyable the first time around. Liberty Teller provides in-depth and detailed tutorials on their website, such as purchasing items in-person or online using bitcoin, and transferring bitcoin from plastic wallets to Blockchain’s digital wallet.