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Bitcoin News for the Week of 07/14/14

Welcome to our weekly Bitcoin news recap, where headlines and news bites get immortalized into the Blockchain blog, forever. This weekend we are in attendance at The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC), where we came clean about a new product re-vamp and design we’ve been teasing about over the past few weeks: our freshly designed Android wallet featuring an in-app merchant directory! Other major news includes Dell’s big announcement that they’ve begun accepting bitcoins, and Sean’s Outpost continues their amazing work at helping to feed the homeless. There’s a lot more good news that happened this week, so buckle up.

**To the headlines! **

[![Enjoying the energy and excitement of TNABC at the Blockchain hangout!](](
Enjoying the energy and excitement of TNABC at the Blockchain hangout!
[We’re headed to TNABC!](

Blockchain is excited to be a sponsor of The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) this week. We’ll be there and excited to meet hundreds of other bitcoiners passionate about innovation and technology.

Blockchain Releases New Android Wallet App To Put Bitcoin Into Everyone’s Hands

Popular bitcoin wallet provider is releasing a major new version of its Android app, allowing you to store, receive and send bitcoins directly from your Android phone. The key thinking behind the update is to make bitcoin more accessible. It hides the complexity of the protocol in order to encourage mainstream user adoption.

More awesome articles about our new Android release:

Blockchain Debuts Android Wallet with Searchable Merchant Directory

Bitcoin wallet and block explorer provider Blockchain has unveiled its latest Android wallet update, announcing the news at The North American Bitcoin Conference (NABC), an ongoing two-day industry event taking place in downtown Chicago.

Blockchain Rolls Out New Android App With Bitcoin Merchant Map

Blockchain has released a new, entirely redesigned version of its Android App. The app’s design is said to be so smooth and simple, that its users will hardly know they are transacting in bitcoin.


LinkedIn Co-Founder: Bitcoin is in My Five-Year Investment Plan

LinkedIn co-founder, early Facebook investor and Greylock Partners partner Reid Hoffman has declared his enthusiasm for bitcoin in a new interview with CNBC’s ‘Squawk Alley’. Hoffman says that he is increasingly focused on bitcoin, stating that bitcoin is an “incredible system.”

Sean’s Outpost just fed their 100,000th meal to the homeless

Pensacola, FL based homeless shelter, Sean’s Outpost, hit a major milestone when they fed their 100,000th meal to the homeless. And of course Sean’s Outpost is funded by bitcoins, which has had a huge contribution to the program’s success. Read more about Sean’s Outpost here.

Google Adds Bitcoin Price Conversions

Google rolled out a new feature as part of Google Search where the search giant will provide users with a bitcoin conversion to their local currency right in the search results. Simply type in for example, 2 BTC in USD and get the price of two bitcoins in US dollars.

Bitcoin: Education can make a difference

Bitcoin is a transformative new technology, which has the potential to affect everyone on the planet. However, as we all know, at times focus is directed on the sensationalist stories instead of the positive ones. In response, Naomi Brockwell started Bitcoin Girl, in an effort to help educate the public on the positive side of bitcoins. has processed $1.5 million in Bitcoin sales

Congratulations to, the online travel agency, who has processed over $1.5 million in bitcoin sales, since first implementing the option in November 2013. With $1.5 million in Bitcoin transactions processed thus far, it seems that the innovation has been a win-win. Not only do customers get a new option, but has become a market leader in this regard.

Dell laptop image via Dell’s Google+ profile

Computer giant Dell begins accepting Bitcoin on

Now you can buy digital with digital – starting today, Dell is accepting bitcoins on Dell is piloting bitcoin, the world’s most widely used digital currency, as a purchase option on for consumer and small business shoppers in the U.S.

New York Reveals BitLicense Framework for Bitcoin Businesses

The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has released its long-anticipated list of proposed rules and regulations that will be required for New York-based bitcoin businesses. The announcement came from Benjamin M Lawsky, New York State’s first Superintendent of Financial Services, who oversaw two regulatory hearings with digital currency leaders in January of this year.

Reflections on the NYDFS Bitcoin Proposal and the Right of Privacy

Bitcoin advocate and entrepreneur, Erik Voorhees, has responded to the new NYDFS Bitcoin Proposal, breaking down the possible implications of the proposals submitted by New York’s Superintendent of Financial Services, Benjamin M Lawsky. This is a must read for all bitcoiners.

Andreessen Horowitz Leads Bitcoin Startup TradeBlock’s $2.8 Million Funding

Online cryptocurrency data and research provider TradeBlock has raised $2.8m in funding as part of a new investment round led by Andreessen Horowitz that also included SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert, Devonshire Investors and FinTech Collective.

GHash.IO promises to establish 40% hashrate limit to prevent ’51% attack’

The popular Bitcoin mining pool GHash.IO – famous for raising concern about a possible ’51% attack’ on the Bitcoin ecosystem twice in the last year – has promised that in the future it will “not exceed more than 39.99% of the overall Bitcoin hashrate.”


Why bitcoin? Hear about it from Roger Ver and Max Keiser on The Keiser Report

Max interviews Roger Ver, an angel investor in bitcoin companies like, Bitpay and Kraken, about his decision to renounce his American citizenship. They also discuss why bitcoin is the best money ever and what the blockchain can do to set the ordinary person free.