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Blockchain in the Media – June Edition

The past several weeks here at Blockchain have been very busy. In an effort to help keep you informed of what’s going on with us, we wanted to provide you with a monthly roundup of Blockchain in the news, for the month of June. Here is a collection of some of the top stories, in no particular order. If we missed a story you wrote about us, please reach out to us directly and let us know.

[![ Blockchain wallet invite image via @GogoCoin on Twitter](](
Blockchain wallet invite image via @GogoCoin on Twitter
[GogoCoin Partners with Blockchain to Give Away BTC-Loaded Cards](

Prepaid bitcoin card specialist GogoCoin has announced a key partnership with Blockchain that will see the two companies coming together to issue a ‘white-label’ card that can help users quickly set up a bitcoin wallet. CEO: This Is Why You Shouldn’t Fear Bitcoin takes you inside the mind of Nicolas Cary, CEO of, for his expert insights on Bitcoin news and trends.

Deceptive search engine ads used in Bitcoin wallet attacks

With more than 1.7 million wallets, is the most popular online Bitcoin wallet. Blockchain’s My Wallet service allows users to send and receive payments in Bitcoins. Be extra cautious when going to your bitcoin wallet.

The coming digital anarchy

Andreas Antonopoulos is chief security officer at UK-based Antonopoulos believes that the blockchain is one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. He sees it as a force for good, bringing bank accounts and access to international finance to the more than six billion people currently stuck in a cash-only economy.

Bitcoin Beginners Fair: Intro to Blockchain with Dan Held

Dan Held, Director of Product at, opens up the presentations at the Bitcoin Beginners Fair, going over the basics of bitcoin and bitcoin wallets, and offering insight into how the Blockchain wallet differs from other wallets out there.

Grandma Sending Christmas Money to Your Wallet Address?

Like any good, disruptive, complex technology, Bitcoin is grossly understood by a society that sees no need for its existence, much less a desire to learn how to use it. There was one new technology that was vastly similar to Bitcoin in its’ infancy. Before miners were building rigs or discussing cryptography, a similar cross-section of society was tinkering with a new technology that would have massive disruptive and constructive capabilities. That technology was the Internet.

Blockchain COO: Bitcoin Industry Must Be More Committed to Consumer Protection

“As an industry we need to be much more committed to consumer protection than we already are,” said Blockchain[.info] COO Peter Smith in an interview that took place during TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City.

[![Illustration via](](
Illustration via
[Rise of the Zombie Bitcoins](

The bitcoin blockchain is a seductive dataset to mine.  Every single transaction ever performed since its inception on January 3, 2009 is publicly available.  You can actually download a copy of it to your own computer if you have 20 gigabytes of disk space to spare.  In addition, there are several ways to search the blockchain online using sites like Let’s Talk Bitcoin goes in depth on how to traverse blockchain data.

Key players debate Bitcoin future

Nicolas Cary, creator of, an online wallet used to store bitcoin and database of all transactions, said 10 years from now bitcoin’s success will be obvious. “The digital world is part of our DNA now, its part of how we share our experiences, how we consume entertainment, and how we stay in touch with loved ones,” he said.

It’s Clear That The Future Of Bitcoin Is Not In The US

As Bitcoin enters its fifth year in the wild, its largest concentrations of users can now be found not in the U.S. — which enjoys a stable banking system and a galaxy of existing mobile payments services — but rather in places where Bitcoin’s core offerings — a hedge against inflation, a means of quickly executing transactions over long distances — can actually be tapped into.

Nic Cary Teases Upcoming Blockchain iOS App

A brand new, iOS 7-style Blockchain app is being developed and could be released very soon. Blockchain’s CEO posted this tweet with a screenshot of the new app.

June 26, 2014 – The Future of Cryptocurrency

On this show, enjoy the full talk by Andreas M. Antonopoulos this past weekend at the Bitcoin in the Beltway conference, as well as the Q&A session that followed.


The Bitcoin Economy

If you’re interested in wading into the bitcoin economy, whether to exchange goods and services with other individuals, enable your business to tap into a new revenue stream, or just to diversify your investment portfolio, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll cover the basics of how to obtain them, accept bitcoins as payment, and use them to pay for things. We also spoke to a handful of experts to get their advice, insights, and predictions about how bitcoin’s fortunes will fare in the future.

ZeroBlock Gets New Charts, Design

Have you checked out today? It sure looks different than it did previously. The informational portal has been updated with new charts and intuitive menu, allowing for a visually-appealing, yet rich data resource.’s mining pool identifiers are now open source

You can help us update them and reduce the “Unknown” pool share by submitting pull requests on GitHub. Contributions welcome. Bitcoin Mining Known Pools Tracking Tags for

[![Image courtesy of](](
Image courtesy of
[Blockchain Launches, Previews Unreleased Android App](

Bitcoin wallet and block explorer provider Blockchain has officially launched its website today, giving visitors a learning portal to the basics of the digital currency.

ZeroBlock strikes integration deal with ANXBTC

ZeroBlock’s wave of progress continues with the announcement of its partnership with ANX today, with the exchange becoming its “premium market data feed partner.” The move will provide a further boost to the Hong Kong cryptocurrency space, which is seeing rapid progress albeit under the particularly watchful eye of regulators.