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Bitcoin News for the Week of 06/23/14

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“Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”  – Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets. The year is passing by quickly, and June is coming to an end. Bitcoin news isn’t stopping though, and here is another news roundup of Bitcoin top stories this week.


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O Canada! Regulating Bitcoin at the National Level

Canada has taken an ambitious step by implementing a national law that would regulate bitcoin at the national level. As part of the national regulation, Bitcoin dealers will be required to register with FINTRAC and if successfully registered, to implement a complete anti-money laundering compliance regime.

Bitcoin certainly has a friend in Jared Polis

Jarid Polic is a Democratic congressman, of the 2nd District of Colorado. He is an outspoken political supporter of bitcoin, who gave a strong statement that could be reason for bitcoin detractors in the government to be concerned about their bottom line.

U.S. to Auction $17.4M Cache of Bitcoins
Friday June 27 marks the start of the auction where buyers from Wall Street to Silicon Valley are lining up to bid on a cache of bitcoins worth $17.4 million, underscoring the interest in the digital currency even after its boom and bust. Bloomberg’s Matt Miller reports on “In The Loop.”

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Prepare Yourself – The North American Bitcoin Conference is coming

Join us in July, for the second North American Bitcoin Conference. For those of you that recall, during the first North American Bitcoin Conference in 2012, we were a much smaller community then. In two short years though, The North American Bitcoin Conference has grown from 100 attendees to 1200, from 30 different countries in 2014.

American Banker Announces One-Day ‘Bitcoin for Bankers’ Conference

New York-based daily financial services newspaper American Banker has announced that it will hold a one-day conference this July aimed at bringing the traditional financial services industry up to speed with developments in the bitcoin and digital currency ecosystem.

Major Bitcoin Company Soon To Be Listed On The NYSE

BitFury, the Bitcoin mining manufacturer announced recently that they had secured over $20 million in Series A financing. They have also said they plan to offer an IPO as early as next year, which will place them on the NYSE.

Bloomberg Terminals Now Track Bitcoin Data From itBit

Users of Bloomberg terminals can now track bitcoin pricing data from itBit, including USD, EUR and SGD trading pairs. Although still relatively young, the Singaporean exchange has expanded rapidly. At the end of last year, itBit received $3.2m in venture capital, bringing its current funding total to $5.5m.

Q&A With Mt. Gox’s Karpelès: What Went Wrong?

Mark Karpelès, the head of collapsed bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, spoke to The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki and Eleanor Warnock on Thursday night in his home on the top floor of a 33-story building in Tokyo’s Meguro neighborhood. It was his first media interview since a news conference when Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy in February.

Deceptive search engine ads used in Bitcoin wallet attacks

Please be aware of phishing attempts. Fraudsters are exploiting loopholes in the presentation of ads by major search engines in order to lure victims to phishing sites. Searching for “blockchain”, the name of a popular Bitcoin wallet provider, caused deceptive ads to be displayed at the top of search results pages from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.


How to Design a Knockout Bitcoin Mobile App

In this video, ZeroBlock co-founder Dan Held spills the insider secrets you need to know to knock your mobile Bitcoin app out of the park.

Feature Update: Charts launched on, and Android bugs patched

On ZeroBlock’s website we’ve added full charting including overlays and indicators.  Bringing charting to the site makes ZeroBock your one-stop shop for everything you need to know in the Bitcoin markets.  Also new is the consolidation of the RTBTC website into ZeroBlock.  RTBTC was acquired in an all bitcoin transaction in Q1 2014 to expand ZeroBlock from a free app to a professional level trading platform.

InsideBitcoins: Get to know Nicolas Cary CEO answers some of your burning questions in a Q&A with InsideBitcoins which will give you some insights into where his head is at.

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Bitcoin helps fund memory research published a video report on the Barrow Neurological Foundation receiving its first ever and very important Bitcoin donation. reports: “The Barrow Neurological Foundation received $10,000 in Bitcoins from an anonymous donor to further memory research.” This donation will help fund the memory-related research of Dr. Peter Steinmetz, director of the neuro-engineering program. His studies are focused on understanding how the brains of epilepsy patients function and how memory is affected.

BitBeat: Bitcoin Is ‘World’s Largest R&D Community’ — Andreessen Horowitz Partner

Bitcoin’s army of mostly volunteer computer developers represents the largest R&D community in the world, possibly numbering 10,000 of the smartest people on the planet. That bold claim comes from Chris Dixon, venture-capital-firm Andreessen Horowitz’s go-to partner for digital-currency investments and widely followed Silicon Valley commentator on technology trends.