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Bitcoin News for the Week of 06/02/2014

Bitcoin is on fire! The good news keeps rolling in, and we have more to report on this week as the headlines and big changes in the Bitcoin ecosystem keep evolving day-over-day. This past week was exciting, so let’s get right into it. Don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter, which gets delivered to your inbox every Saturday.

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[Apple Policy Update May Open Door for Bitcoin Transactions](

Apple has released an update to its App Store Review Guidelines that potentially opens the doors for a change in its long-restrictive policies against bitcoin and other digital currencies. The update from Apple says “Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions.”

Bitcoin key to future of online payments: EBay CEO

EBay chief John Donahoe says he sees bitcoin and other digital currencies playing an “important role” in PayPal, the e-commerce giant’s Internet payment platform. “We’re going to have to integrate digital currencies in our wallet,” Donahoe said in an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

Rapper 50 Cent accepting bitcoin as payment for new album

Fans of bitcoin and rap are in luck, as rapper and entrepreneur Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson announced that he would begin accepting bitcoin for his newest album, “Animal Ambition.” The album can be purchased using bitcoins from Bitcoin payment service provider BitPay is handling the transactions.

Why Bitcoin Is ‘Like Email for Money’

Using email as an analogy, it’s easy to see that when you first started using it, chances are you didn’t fully understand exactly what it was or how it worked. You use email to quickly, easily send and receive messages from friends, colleagues and loved ones. But you don’t have to fully grasp the intricate technology behind it to reap the benefits of using it.

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[ surpasses US$3 billion worth of transactions](

Bitcoin is not the only component in virtual currency which is achieving rapid growth – has now transacted over US$3 billion. Arguably the most popular Bitcoin wallet, Blockchain already had 1.1million active registered users and 200 million page views per month as of January this year, and this transaction milestone is unsurprising and an exciting one.

The #1 Problem Bitcoin Will Solve by 2015

Cryptocon recently asked some of its speakers a single pointed and direct question: “What is the number one problem that I hope Bitcoin will solve by the end of 2015?” The answers are as revealing as any presentation or speech. See how some of the Cryptocon speakers answered! CEO: We Pay Employees in Bitcoin. And Someday You Might, Too

Entrepreneur took some time to talk to Blockchain CEO Nicolas Cary, and discuss Bitcoin’s recent ups and downs and why he believes the controversial currency will inevitably impact you, me and everyone else in the world.

Video: Asking Andreas Antonopoulos Hard Questions About Bitcoin

If there’s someone you want to explain the concept of bitcoin to you, it’s probably Andreas Antonopoulos. With easy-to-understand explanations and a profound interest in the digital currency, it’s no wonder Antonopoulos has become well-known and respected in the community.

IRS: No Bitcoin Reporting on FBARs for This Filing Season, but Future Changes Possible

Taxpayers don’t have to report Bitcoin on the FinCEN Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR), for the current filing season, an Internal Revenue Service official said.

An Interview with our fellow team member Qijun Wang

Bitcoin Exchange Berlin caught up with Qijun Wang on Bitcoin in China, and her role at Check it out!

Bitcoin start-up lets people send bitcoin to Facebook friends

QuickCoin, a startup based in San Francisco, is betting that sending bitcoins through Facebook will help spur broader adoption. The company has rolled out a social wallet for bitcoins built on Facebook’s API that allows users to send bitcoins or fractions of bitcoins to their Facebook friends.

Anarchast Ep. 130 Roger Ver: Don’t Mess With The Bitcoin Jesus

Jeff Interviews Bitcoin evangelist Roger Ver on why Bitcoin will enable freedom, topics include: Bitcoin is here to stay and is going to change the world, Roger’s million dollar donation to The Foundation for Economic Education, anarchic conflict resolution, renouncing US citizenship, police in Japan vs the US, Bitcoin on the verge of becoming a prominent currency, Bitcoin is the best opportunity the world has ever seen.