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Bitcoin News for the week of 05/19/2014

In the world of Bitcoin, things are starting to heat up – and we aren’t talking about the Summer sun. Besides the price of Bitcoin rising this week, the good news surrounding the world of Bitcoin continues to pour in, as the interest grows week-over-week. And as each week passes, we provide you with a breakdown of headlines, so you know exactly what is going on. We also send out our weekly Blockchain newsletter, which will be sent directly to your inbox every Saturday. Sign up now!

On to another week of great news!

How the Blockchain team celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day

May 22nd was Bitcoin Pizza Day, a day when Laszlo Hanyecz offered 10,000 Bitcoins, for two Papa John’s pizzas. The 10,000 Bitcoins were worth roughly $30-40 at the time. The price of Bitcoin has risen to the point where those $40 pizzas are worth about $5 million dollars. For Bitcoiners, Bitcoin Pizza Day has become a holiday worth celebrating, around the world.


Groceries for bitcoin, Pheeva joins with Gyft, and Bitcoin Beginners Fair

Speaking of pizza and food, New Zealand’s first dedicated online Bitcoin shop, Bitmart, launched on Monday – offering an eclectic range of groceries and electronics for bitcoin, and dogecoin.

Nicolas Cary Blockchain CEO Interview

Bitcoinist sits down with Blockchain CEO Nic Cary, to talk all things Bitcoin. Including some non-Bitcoin tidbits you might not know about Nic, such as his hobbies and role models. Check it out!

The currency revolution, courtesy of Bitcoin

Ed Moy, Former Director of the US Mint penned his thoughts on Bitcoin, which in part read: “Just as cryptography is planting the seeds of a revolution in payment systems, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are planting the seeds of a revolution in currency.”

ZeroBlock expands offering with BTC-e trading and enhanced backbone technology

Bitcoin news and market data provider ZeroBlock now supports BTC-e trading and fast one-click order entry all on a real time data backbone powered by Wall Street technology. BTC-e trading is available immediately to all ZeroBlock trading platform subscribers with support for the BTC/USD and BTC/EUR currency pairs.


Spanish Tax Authority treats bitcoins as cash

The Spanish tax authority, the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (AEAT), is “monitoring” digital currencies to ensure they are not used for illicit purposes such as money laundering and tax avoidance, the country’s government has stated. Perhaps more interestingly for bitcoin, the announcement indicated that digital currencies could be treated as cash, not commodities, for the purposes of taxation.

Bitcoin SF Devs Seminar: Deep dive into secrets of the API

If you’re in San Fransisco, don’t miss out on a meetup to take a deep dive into API and the secrets that will allow you to build some awesome apps with it.

Bitcoin gets a lobbyist

The world’s first investment fund that focuses solely on bitcoin is bringing some lobbying muscle to Washington, DC. Falcon Global Capital director Brett Stapper filed paperwork to lobby Congress and federal agencies this week, according to federal lobbying disclose forms. Take that, Mastercard!

NYC Bitcoin Fair Aims to Hold Weekly Fairs Starting This Summer

Beginning this summer, New York residents that also take interest in bitcoin will have access to an outdoor bitcoin fair, aptly named the NYC Bitcoin Fair. According to the group organizing the fair, it starts on Sunday, June 15th — and if things go according to plan, it’s an event that could be held every week.

NYC Financial District, courtesy of
[The Bitcoin Foundation welcomes its new affiliates](

Let’s welcome the newest Bitcoin Foundation affiliates, Bundesverband Bitcoin of Germany and Stichting Bitcoin Nederland of the Netherlands. Home to some of the most active Bitcoin communities, both Germany and the Netherlands have entire streets of local businesses that prefer to accept Bitcoin.

Winklevoss twins: Bitcoin will be bigger than Facebook

The Winklevoss brothers, two of the most influential players in a new generation of investors, say Bitcoin will encourage financial openness and end up being bigger than Facebook.

Bitcoin’s new investors: ‘change is happening’

Domenic Carosa is bullish on Bitcoin, which is unsurprising for a digital entrepreneur. Interest in his new $30 million Future Capital Bitcoin Fund “has been extraordinary”, says the one-time BRW Young Rich lister. “Investors may not know exactly where this is going, but they know that change is happening.”