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ZeroBlock expands offering with BTC-e trading and enhanced backbone technology

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Bitcoin news and market data provider ZeroBlock now supports BTC-e trading and fast one-click order entry all on a real time data backbone powered by Wall Street technology. BTC-e trading is available immediately to all ZeroBlock trading platform subscribers with support for the BTC/USD and BTC/EUR currency pairs.

The ZeroBlock trading platform will allow traders consolidated access to much of the liquidity in the Bitcoin market.


New Exchanges

BTC-e has long been among the volume leaders in the Bitcoin exchange ecosystem.  Traders on the ZeroBlock trading platform now have access to two of the largest liquidity pools, BTC-e and Bitstamp.

Professional Trading Backbone

A new market data and order entry backbone enables lightning-fast execution on BTC-e.  ZeroBlock has developed a professional level Financial Information eXchange protocol (FIX) API.  The FIX protocol is a globally accepted standard of messaging specifications developed through the collaboration of banks, brokers, exchanges, institutional investors, and information technology providers from around the world.

**Click to Trade **

The latest version of the platform supports order entry directly from the Order Book and Visual Depth modules. Clicking at a certain price level will update the corresponding Order Entry module’s price. This action allows the trader to quickly ‘join’ the book at a desired level.

Order Sweeping

Order sweeping is also available through a Shift-click on the Visual Depth or clicking the Amount column in the Order Book. A sweep is an order to buy or sell all liquidity on the book to a certain point.

Market Spread Indicator

The Visual Depth module now displays the current market spread, expressed as the percentage difference between the Bid and Ask price.

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