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Tutorial: How to Send Bitcoins Using our Web Wallet

This post is for users of our Legacy Wallet only. If you’re using our new wallet, please visit our support center for help with sending and receiving.

So you want to send some bitcoins for a payment, a gift, or another reason? You can do all of this from a Blockchain web wallet. There are actually three options on sending bitcoins. From easy to advanced, this tutorial will explain the basics of those three options for you, and how to send bitcoins using them.

Quick Send

Quick Send is the easiest and fastest way to send bitcoins from your Blockchain wallet. It’s as simple as entering in a Bitcoin address, the amount you want to send, and then sending the payment. Quick Send will use your default miner’s fee setting when sending bitcoins. To view/adjust this, go to your Account Settings, and click on General to view the Default Fee Policy. To use Quick Send, login to your My Wallet, and click on Send Money on the top menu, and then Quick Send to get started (pictured below).


Custom Transaction

If however you are looking for more control over your Bitcoin transaction, the Custom Transaction option is your best bet. Using the Custom Transaction option, you are presented with more options. You can control which address the bitcoins are sent from (if you have multiple addresses), and you can also adjust the miner’s fee. In addition, you can adjust the “Change” address. The Change address is simply where any change (remaining amount of bitcoins) will get sent. If you don’t know what Bitcoin change addresses are, click here to read more about them. Lastly, you can create a public note on the transaction, which will be permanently embedded in the block chain for anyone to view. To use Custom Transaction, login to your My Wallet, and click on Send Money on the top menu, and then Custom to get started (pictured below).

2_custom send

Shared Coin

For the more advanced user that may be seeking privacy when sending bitcoins, there is the Shared Coin option. Like the Custom Transaction option, you can adjust the send from address, but the important feature with this option is Shared Coin. Shared Coin provides privacy for your transactions by combining your transaction with other people. Shared Coin uses CoinJoin technology to make your transactions private without needing to trust the Shared Coin service. Your coins never leave your control and therefore it is impossible for them to be stolen or confiscated. To use Shared Coin, login to your My Wallet, and click on Send Money on the top menu, and then Shared Coin to get started (pictured below).


We hope this has given you a better understanding of what options we offer when you are sending bitcoins. If you have any technical troubles using your wallet, please feel free to submit a support request here!