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New Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Dear Blockchain Users,

In the next few days, we will be introducing a new set of detailed Terms & Conditions and a Privacy Policy for all our products and services. These legal documents articulate our existing principles and strong commitment to privacy and security for our users. We’re not changing our practices, but we are writing a bunch of legalese that will help us grow and scale to support and protect our existing and future customers. Part of growing up as a company means adding protections that will ensure that we can continue to operate in a way that strongly defends our user’s privacy and security and these documents are a step forward in our commitment to that goal.

Our new Terms and Conditions can be seen here. Our Privacy Policy can be seen here. Our Cookie Policy can be seen here. Please review these over the next few days. They are effective Sunday May 11th, 2014. If you have any questions about these policies, check out our FAQ below, or submit a new question at

While we have not changed the underlying principles and while we know that our privacy policy is the strongest in the industry in terms of protecting our users, at Blockchain we do not believe in lock-in and we strive to ensure our customers always maintain control over their keys and funds and have the option to leave at any time. It is our goal to earn and keep your trust by delivering the best security, the best customer experience and the most features for all our services without ever forcing you to stay by making it difficult to leave.

As always, Blockchain remains strongly committed to putting the security of bitcoin in the hands of our users, by never keeping copies of your keys. That will not change in any way. We continue to protect our users’ privacy by not tracking bitcoin addresses, transactions, specific balances, or locations. We will adhere to these core principles. Thank you for using Blockchain and we hope to continue to earn your trust and support as we strive to scale and exceed your expectations as the world’s leading bitcoin wallet and information service.


Q. Why is Blockchain adding these terms of service?

A. We need to have more detailed and specific terms as we grow. These terms express the same principles by which we operate, only providing more detail

Q. Is Blockchain collecting more information on users?

A. Absolutely not. Blockchain’s services provide the highest level of control and privacy in the industry. None of that has changed.

Q. Will blockchain have access to keys or wallets?

A. No, we continue to operate a software wallet service which keeps the control firmly in the hands of our users by running the software in the end-user’s browser, not on our servers. We never see the keys and we never have access to your funds.

Q. Will blockchain collect personally identifiable information?

A. Absolutely not. We only collect aggregated anonymous information, never personal information. Your wallet, which contains details of transactions, accounts, funds and keys is only ever stored and transmitted to us in an encrypted format so we cannot see that information or collect it.

Q. Can I use the services if I do not agree to these terms? Do I have to accept them?

A. To continue using our services you must accept these terms. If you choose not to accept, we will help you migrate your data (wallet, keys, etc) to another application or service.

Q. Once I accept these new terms and conditions and take all of the security precautions mentioned, is there anything else I need to do to maintain my service?

A: No, the service will work exactly as before.

Q. Can I still access my account using the same methods as I did before these terms and conditions?

A: Yes, your will access your account exactly as before.

Q. Will Blockchain now have the power to freeze or suspend my account?

A: No, we will not have any control over your bitcoin addresses or funds and you can always access your account from a different client by restoring a wallet backup outside our service.

Q. Can you elaborate on what Services have a charge attached to them, and what that charge may be?

Presently, we do not charge for services though some advanced features suggest a donation and we may revise this in the future.

Q. Aside from all transactions being displayed publicly on the bitcoin block chain, will Blockchain Ltd track my transactions and store a record of them elsewhere?

A: Blockchain Ltd stores a replica of the bitcoin blockchain and all transactions in a database, but does not know or have access to your bitcoin addresses and does not store your transactions as related to your wallet.

Q. Why can’t my bitcoins be refunded if they were stolen from me? If this happens, what should I do?

A: Blockchain does not have access to your funds, your keys, or your addresses. This puts the control of your account firmly in your hands, but it also means you are responsible for taking all the available security precautions to avoid theft or loss. Once a valid transaction has been submitted to the bitcoin network it cannot be reversed. See our phishing, two-factor authentication and basic security tips.