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Bitcoin News for the Week of 04/28/2014


It’s been another fun week! As we traverse the world of Bitcoin, each day we come across new stories and headlines that make this adventure more exciting! Join us for the ride!

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Pictured to the left is a Bitcoin cake, courtesy of Blockchain CEO Nic Cary. It’s chocolate in Bitcoin form; does it get any better?

Let’s get into the news for this past week

Bitcoin-Accepting Team Rubicon Launches Operation in Response to Tornado Outbreak

Team Rubicon, a non-for-profit disaster relief organization led by veterans, has launched an operation (dubbed Rising Eagle) in order to support the communities most recently affected by a deadly tornados in the state of Arkansas. Team Rubicon is accepting Bitcoin donations for their efforts at

PSA: Phishing Defense

Don’t be a phish! Blockchain is a target for multiple phishing attacks. An example of phishing is when an attacker builds a replica website that looks identical to, but is on a different domain and the primary intent is to obtain users’ login information. Read these tips posted earlier week on how to stay above water.

Francesco uses Blockchain Merchant on his phone and tablet to process Bitcoin payments at Divino Deli!
[Meet the Businesses of Blockchain Merchant](

Meet some of the business that are using the Blockchain Merchant app. With 0% fees, instant transactions, an intuitive user interface and around the clock customer support, Blockchain Merchant came to life at the beginning of March this year. We have over 2000 downloads and a rank in the top 500 in five different countries in Google Play’s Business category. We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you the personal stories of several merchants using Blockchain Merchant.

We are on the road to Bitcoin Heaven: Roger Ver

In an interview with Corbett Report in this week’s edition of The Eyeopener, Roger Ver spoke about how the decentralized model of Bitcoin made it accessible to anyone who wanted to use it without the intervention or blocking by banks and governing agencies.

Bitcoin Blvd.: On its way to Cleveland Heights

Bitcoin made it’s way to Cleveland, Ohio to the Bitcoin Boulevard where several businesses, including Sweetie Fry, The Tavern Co., Revive, and The Wine Spot, have begun accepting Bitcoins.

The Bitcoin Accepted Here sticker courtesy of Crypto Coin Consulting
[Blockchain Spotlight: Crypto Coin Consulting](

Recently, we had the opportunity to meet with Joe Blanschan, President of Crypto Coin Consulting (CCC). CCC’s goal is to help explain, educate and implement best practice solutions for local businesses so they can take advantage of Bitcoin. We were able to speak with the CCC team and talk to them about their Bitcoin action plan, which included being on the ground educating people about Bitcoin at York Revolution’s opening baseball game of the season.

Update on Blockchain Beta Group

Due to the overwhelming response, the application process for our beta testing group is now closed. Please be sure to stay tuned, as we may expand our need for beta testers in the future.

Sean’s Outpost needs our help!

Sean’s Outpost / Satoshi Forest has been flooded due to extremely heavy rains in Pensacola, Florida this past week. They need our help to help rebuild.

Bitcoin Foundation election results

The BTC Foundation had a recent election on new board members. Due to candidates needing minimum 52 votes to win a seat, and no candidates reached that minimum, the results will require a second round of voting. Details on when that round of voting begins will be sent out early next week.

MasterCard Lobbyist Adds Bitcoin to List of Topics

When MasterCard Inc. paid a team of lobbyists about $70,000 earlier this year to promote the bank-card network’s views, a new topic made their list: Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is now on Bloomberg

Bloomberg announced that they will begin providing Bitcoin pricing to their 320,000+ global subscribers. By typing VCCY on the Bloomberg Professional service, business and financial professionals can now monitor and chart data from Bitcoin exchanges Coinbase and Kraken, while tracking related virtual currency news and social media posts from more than 100,000 sources.

The Bitcoin Fluid Dispenser II prototype by Andy Schroder
[Paying with Bitcoin at the gas pump](

Making a fuel purchase directly with Bitcoin means that you never have to leave the pump, pre-pay with cash, or share important credit card and personal information. Bitcoin could enable the global trade of consumable commodities like oil and gas without having to rely on currency exchanges or an inflationary monetary system.

Announcing the MIT Bitcoin Project ($100 in BTC for every undergraduate student)

Two MIT students have raised half a million dollars for a project to distribute $100 in Bitcoin to every undergraduate student at MIT this fall. Plans for the MIT Bitcoin Project involve a range of activities, including working with professors and researchers across the Institute to study how students use the bitcoin they receive, as well as spurring academic and entrepreneurial activity within the university in this burgeoning field.