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Blockchain Spotlight: Crypto Coin Consulting


Recently, we had the opportunity to meet with Joe Blanschan, President of Crypto Coin Consulting (CCC). CCC’s goal is to help explain, educate and implement best practice solutions for local businesses so they can take advantage of Bitcoin. We were able to speak with the CCC team and talk to them about their Bitcoin action plan.

Crypto Coin Consulting offers a variety of different services revolving around Bitcoin education. Their main focus is on helping brick and mortar businesses integrate Bitcoin payment systems, which includes staff training and education. CCC provides a class where individuals can learn the many different aspects of storing, investing, spending and inner working knowledge of the Bitcoin world. Upon request, CCC also will come and give lectures at local schools and colleges.

We asked Joe, what intrigues you about Bitcoin?

“What intrigues us most about Bitcoin is the ability to [engage in] commerce on an individual level in a global marketplace. The ability for individuals to create contracts that are self-enforced by mutually agreed standards and expectations, all while being executed by the Bitcoin protocol. For the first time in history, we can create decentralized consensus on all financial transactions and personal assets.”

What makes you want to focus on growing the Bitcoin economy on a local level versus a larger corporate level?

“The reason that we want to grow the Bitcoin economy on a local level is because Bitcoin is a community driven movement spread through word of mouth and social media. Due to Bitcoin’s complexity it’s easiest to educate business owners and individuals in person where they can ask questions and be shown how to operate the Bitcoin software. The biggest advantage is that by setting up local businesses we are now able to use bitcoins at our favorite community restaurants, stadiums, bars and retail stores,” Joe said.

CCC was able to work with York Revolution, which is a professional baseball team based in York, Pennsylvania. The Bitcoin consulting company set up a tent recently at York Revolution’s opening game of the season, to hand out brochures and Bitcoin swag. The boots on the ground approach made it a community affair, where they could engage with game-goers about Bitcoin in person.

[![CCC President, Joe Blanschan outside Santander Stadium in York, PA - Notice the Bitcoin Accepted here sticker!](](
CCC President, Joe Blanschan outside Santander Stadium in York, PA – Notice the Bitcoin Accepted Here sticker!
[![Opening game day! ](](
Opening game day!
[![Opening game day!](](
Opening game day!
**How did you manage to convince the York Revolution to accept Bitcoin? Were they instantly receptive to the idea or did it take a lot of convincing?**

“The funny part is we were actually approached by the York Revolution about the possibility of boosting ticket sales by accepting Bitcoin and generating media attention. They were instantly receptive to the idea of accepting Bitcoin after a brief rundown of how it works. They were very enthusiastic about the idea, mainly for the media attention it will generate which will increase sales and reduce costs.”

At this time, CCC is working with other local businesses in the York area that are accepting bitcoins or have expressed interested in working with them to introduce bitcoins to their customers. Joe also told us that “within a few months we hope to have several merchants adopting this new technology with help from our services.” He says CCC has “already received interest from other minor league baseball stadiums in the Atlantic league.”

For more information about purchasing York Revolution tickets with Bitcoin, click here!