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Bitcoin News for the Week of 04/21/2014

Hey Bitcoiners! It’s been another week packed full of news bites and headlines in the Bitcoin world, that we’ve bottled up and are providing it to you in one easy to read weekly summary. If you prefer emails, sign up for our weekly Blockchain newsletter which will be sent directly to your inbox every Saturday, and will have information on Blockchain and Zeroblock.


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[CEO Nic Cary of on #DigitalLiteracy and the future of #Bitcoin](

Nic Cary was very excited about the “movement” of Film Annex Networks, and he was able to sit down with Fereshteh Forough, Board Member of the Women’s Annex Foundation for an interview.

​Bitcoin better than any form of money that has ever existed before

Angel investor of Blockchain, and CEO of Memory Dealers, Roger Ver, took some time to talk to Russia Today about the state of bitcoins in Russia.

Inside the Film Festival Premiere of ‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’

If you couldn’t make the premiere of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, check out this CoinDesk article which discusses the documentary. The documentary is directed by Nicholas Mross, follows his brother, software developer and former Bitcoin miner Daniel Mross, as he traces the short but momentous history of Bitcoin, traveling everywhere from Tokyo to Seattle to Panama to speak with the industry’s pioneers.


Coinsider This! Show 22 – Ask Andreas Antonopoulos

On this show, Andreas answers questions about sidechains, Mt. Gox, transaction malleability and unconfirmed transactions, mining, 51% attacks, multisignature transactions, complex programmable contracts, cold storage and more.

Samsung Galaxy S5 VS. iPhone 5: The Brutal Truth

Special thanks to David Seaman, who did a YouTube video comparison of Apple’s iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, and also talked about the Blockchain Android app.

Google Pulls Five Mobile Wallpaper Apps Due to Bitcoin Mining Malware

Lookout, a mobile security startup based in San Francisco, has identified a new type of Bitcoin mining malware that targets mobile devices. Dubbed ‘BadLepricon’, the malware represents a more sophisticated type of mining malware attack than previously seen.

MIT Bitcoin Expo Looks to Educate Others on Digital Currencies

The MIT Bitcoin Expo promises to be one of the most exciting bitcoin events of the year. The expo is hosted by HackMIT, the MIT Bitcoin Club, and the College Cryptocurrency Network.

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[The World’s First Bitcoin Debit Card Is Almost Here](

Xapo, a company that offers online bitcoin wallets, says it’s two months away from introducing the first debit card that will let you spend your bitcoins at any place that takes Visa or MasterCard.

FEC Likely To Allow Bitcoin Donations Up To $100 Worth Per Election Per Recipient Per Contributor

The Federal Election Commission met in an open meeting to discuss Advisory Opinion Request 2014-02 (AO-2014-02) which was originally presented by Sai of Make Your Laws Political Action Committee (PAC). Make Your Laws’ intent with their Advisory Opinion request, is to have the FEC create guidelines for Bitcoin donation acceptance that can then be adopted across the country.


Andreas Antonopoulos delivers donated Bitcoins to Dorian S. Nakamoto

The entire Bitcoin community rallied together to raise funds for Dorian S. Nakamoto. After the fundraising was completed, as promised, Andreas met with Dorian to hand-deliver the bitcoins directly to him. In this video, Dorian expresses his gratitude to everyone across the world who donated.

Blockchain’s Nic Cary on Bitcoin Wallets, Mt. Gox and Decentralization

Nicolas Cary, CEO of, talked with CoinDesk about’s status in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and how the company is moving forward and becoming a leader in this space.

Soon you will be able to pay for things in Bitcoin with a wave of your hand

Wearables + Bitcoin = Magic. It might look silly at first, but the technology and ease of making payments without even having to pull out your wallet is almost here. It takes two key ingredients. First you need a payment system that is super-fast and reliable. Enter in Bitcoin. Then, you need a wearable device. Enter in MEVU. Combined, you have something special and futuristic.

Largest VC firm in the U.S. is backing Bitcoin

The largest VC firm in the U.S., NEA (New Enterprise Associates) is investing in Bitcoin. New Enterprise Associates, aside from being the largest VC firm in the U.S., was ranked in 2012 as the world’s largest VC firm, with more than $13 billion in committed capital spanning across 14 funds, including a $2.6 billion fourteenth fund of which was closed in 2012.

Andreas Antonopolous joins the Joe Rogan Experience for a second time to discuss all things Bitcoin

Andreas came back to the Joe Rogan podcast to talk more about Bitcoin. Many things are discussed, but some of the highlights are discussions based around China, Mt.Gox, Apple, Dorian S. Nakamoto, and more.

BitBeat: The Men Who Owned

Wall Street Journal went down the rabbit hole of exactly who owns the domain As we previously announced, has struck a deal to Exclusively Manage

Sir Richard Branson: Bitcoin is ‘the pioneer of a global currency’

Branson, a billionaire entrepreneur who made headlines late last year after announcing Virgin Galactic would accept bitcoins for space flight, reaffirmed his commitment to the digital currency by calling it “the pioneer of a global currency.”

BitcoinX: Peer-to-Peer Exchange and Wallet Reviews

A new service emerged this week that uses peer-to-peer reviews of Bitcoin exchanges and wallets to provide a community ratings system of Bitcoin services. BitcoinX has a large database of Bitcoin exchanges and wallets where users can review and comment on them for their peers to make better decisions before choosing one to use.

Small Businesses Enjoy Success After Accepting Bitcoin

As Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity, small businesses around the world have begun accepting the digital currency as a method of payment. Many of these businesses have seen only a very small portion of their customers pay with bitcoin, but that doesn’t necessarily make the venture into cryptocurrencies a failure.


Andreas M. Antonopoulos speaks to the Los Angeles Bitcoin Meetup Group

Andreas talk about money and the evolving concept of currencies worldwide, deflation, trust and distributed systems. Andreas fields questions from the audience regarding sidechains, multisignature contracts and more.