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Last Week's Bitcoin News

Welcome to our weekly recap of last week’s big Bitcoin news stories, where we summarize Bitcoin headlines and news that you may have missed. Typically we release this on Fridays, but we thought this would be a great way to say hello after Easter. Don’t forget, you can sign up for the official Blockchain newsletter, which will be sent directly to your inbox every Saturday, and will have information on Blockchain and Zeroblock.

As per usual, last week was packed with tons of news, so let’s recap!

The First Annual Blockchain Awards
First off, we are super excited that last week we announced the first annual Blockchain Awards, which will be taking place at the Bitcoin 2014 conference in Amsterdam. There are several award categories, so please go and submit your nominations now!

Blockchain Strikes Five Year Deal to Exclusively Manage
Another exciting piece of news last week is that has struck a five year deal to exclusively manage the domain name is positioning itself to maintain and build its preeminence in the Bitcoin community by building strategic relationships that promote the understanding and usage of cryptocurrency. The domain name is the latest addition to a growing stable of products from

Blockchain Hit 1.5 Million Wallets
Last week, reached a milestone of 1.5 million wallets. With 1.5 million wallets, we are proud to be the largest Bitcoin wallet provider in the world! The Blockchain wallet is 100% open-source on the client side; we give 100% control to the user. Our servers never see your private keys. You can continue to use your bitcoins even when our service is unavailable! You are in full control of your wealth when using the Blockchain Wallet.

[Ron Paul: Bitcoin should be “perfectly legal”]( Former congressman Ron Paul shared his opinion on Bitcoin and the future of virtual currencies in a Q&A session on the Quora site on Wednesday – as usual, Paul brought his own libertarian flavor to the discussion. Paul said that Bitcoin should be “perfectly legal” and “there should be no restrictions on it, there should be no taxes on it.”

The Bitcoin Uprising makes it’s debut on CNBC
What is really driving The Bitcoin Uprising? CNBC’s Mary Thompson takes an in-depth look at the emerging digital currency by speaking to the Bitcoin faithful, who believe the open source currency will upend the global financial system, as well as those who believe Bitcoin is an easily manipulated tool that empowers criminals, hackers and drug barons in the dark online underworld. Although the future of Bitcoin is uncertain, The Bitcoin Uprising sheds much needed light on the speculative currency and the future of money.

Texas Attorney Greg Abbott to Accept Bitcoin In His Run For Governor
According to Lubbockonline, the Republican candidate for the upcoming November 4th election is now accepting Bitcoin donations in his campaign against his opponent, (D) Wendy Davis.

“I am excited to see our campaign add another tool to our cutting digital outreach, which is allowing us to reach more Texans than any previous campaign in the state,” Abbott said. “The spirit of Bitcoin embodies the free market principles that make Texas a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship,” he added. “We welcome the Bitcoin community to join our team.”

Report: Record amounts of gold and silver trading for Bitcoin
According to a report published Thursday by Agora Commodities, one of the largest precious metals dealers on the web today, a record number of gold and silver is being traded for Bitcoin at this time of major pullback. “Many sound monetarists have realized that Bitcoin is essentially digital gold and are seeking a way to diversify into all forms of real tangible wealth as opposed to fiat money.”


Andreas Antonopoulos: “Cryptocurrency is a Language”
At the 2014 Bitcoin Expo in Toronto last weekend, Andreas Antonopoulos gave a powerful presentation geared entirely around the future of altcoins. “I started thinking about currency as a means of expression. You see, money at the very root of it is a language, it’s a language that we use to express value to each other,” said Andreas.

Bitcoin TouchDown: NFL Star Chad Ochocinco Johnson Gets into Bitcoin
Bitcoin makes an impression on the sports world yet again, this time with a potential athletic investor. According to CoinDesk, NFL star and veteran Chad Ochocinco Johnson, has become the next celebrity to take digital currency for a test drive.

Bringing Bitcoin to the Middle East – Cointalks Dubai
Bitcoin Magazine talks about Cointalks Dubai, which is a two day event taking place next week. Cointalks Dubai is organized by The Online Project (TOP), and will be one of the first Bitcoin events to take place in the region and will provide an in depth look at Bitcoin and digital currencies. Cointalks Dubai is a community-driven event that will bring cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals together.

Why Bitcoin Is the Smart Bet in Tech Investing
Draper Fisher Jurvetson Founding Partner Tim Draper discusses his tech investment ideas on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

[Screw Coachella, I’m going to the Bitcoin Music Festival]( Missed out on Coachella or didn’t get tickets to Glastonbury? Don’t worry – now you can combine your love of music with your love of cryptocurrency with the world’s first Bitcoin Music Festival. Organized by the Bitcoin Centre NYC (once described as the “New York Stock Exchange” of Bitcoin), it’s heading to Manhattan in May.

BTC China Launches First ‘Soft Bitcoin ATM’ Interface for International Markets
A new web-based app from BTC China called ‘Picasso ATM’ allows anyone with a smartphone to become a ‘walking bitcoin ATM’, without the need to invest thousands of dollars in hardware. Sellers can use the app to upload and sell bitcoins nearly anywhere in the world, in a range of major currencies.

Fred Wilson talks about Bitcoin
Legendary investor Fred Wilson talks about retirement, his investments, and learning about Bitcoin. “With Bitcoin and the block chain, I found something that got me excited again.”