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Welcome to our weekly recap of this week’s Bitcoin news. It’s been a very busy week too, just like last week. We don’t anticipate this to slow down any time soon, as the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to grow at an amazing rate. Don’t forget, you can sign up for the official Blockchain newsletter, which will be sent directly to your inbox every week, and will have information on Blockchain and Zeroblock.

Let’s get into it!

Thank you to the Bitcoin Community, for donating 13 BTC to the Washington State Mudslide victims

As we all know, the recent tragedy in Washington State has laid claim to many victims, people who have unfortunately lost their lives and homes, due to a mudslide in late March. However, we are pleased to say that the Bitcoin Community has come forward, and donated over 13 BTC to the victims of the mudslide in Darrington County. Pictured below is a thank you sign with Whoopi Goldberg, specifically thanking /r/bitcoin for helping the cause.


Coinsider This! Show 20 – Wall Street’s Fair Value of Bitcoin
If you haven’t heard the Coinsider This! podcast yet, check them out – we met with the host, Patrick Melton, at the Inside Bitcoins Conference in NYC. Show 20 talks about the current price decline, gives an update on the Coinsider This! t-shirts, and more. Most of this show focuses on a very apropos panel recorded with permission at Inside Bitcoins NYC on April 8, 2014 entitled Wall Street’s Fair Value of Bitcoin.

China’s Central Bank Governor: PBOC Won’t Ban Bitcoin
According to reports, during Boao Forum, Xiaochuan offered his opinion, saying that China would not seek to ban Bitcoin and other digital currencies entirely. Well, that’s a relief, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens here.

Blockchain’s Ten Tablet Giveaway fbad-contestLARGE
In case you are living under a rock and missed it, we are giving away TEN Nexus 7 Tablets! Don’t miss this great opportunity to win something cool and useful for Bitcoin-accepting merchants. Contest runs until May 7th!

Webcast: Bitcoin: The Future of Currency?
Atlantic Council who are experts on security, law, and finance will explore the impacts of Bitcoin and virtual currencies for the future of our financial and political systems. Part of the discussion is our very own Kevin Houk, who is an intern working on research and development for Blockchain.

Important statement regarding Heartbleed Bug
This week was a trying week for many in the Bitcoin community when we came to learn about the devious Heartbleed bug, which made headlines all over the world. But don’t get worried, Blockchain has you covered; we have made all necessary updates and all of your account information, bitcoins, and passwords are safe. There is no need to change your password or make any account changes. We’ll update you again soon on the details of our progress to ensure our SSL is secure.

If you weren’t able to attend the Inside Bitcoins Conference in NYC, here’s what you missed!

Blockchain was front and center for the 2014 Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo in New York this week, and we’re happy to report that it was packed full of inspiring initiative and a great crowd of people, all in the name of Bitcoin. Read about what went on and what hot discussions were taking place at the conference.

Help fund the Red Bridge River Park project
Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist (see update) of the Bitcoin protocol and the Bitcoin Foundation, and all around good guy, has launched a fundraiser for the Red Bridge River Park. The river park project will help preserve a beautiful part of the world from development. Let’s put our bitcoins to good use, and for a good cause, to help fundraise!

National Australia Bank Turns Back on Bitcoin, Closes Accounts
The National Australia Bank (NAB) has decided to dissociate itself from Bitcoin, informing Bitcoin-related customers it will be closing their accounts next month. The news is significant as NAB was previously Australia’s most Bitcoin-friendly bank, with their representatives actively seeking to build relationships with bitcoin businesses and working with them to understand digital currency issues like fraud prevention.

Texas Publishes Cogent, Thoughtful Guidance on Digital Currency
The Texas Department of Banking (DOB) published guidance on digital currencies and money transmitters under Texas law. This analysis is the result of extensive grass-roots work with the Bitcoin Foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee and the Bitcoin community in general.

Justice Department wary of Bitcoin, Attorney General says
The Justice Department is taking a good long look into Bitcoin, as “The department is committed to innovating alongside this new technology in order to ensure our investigations are not impeded by any improvement in criminals’ ability to move funds anonymously,” Holder told the House Judiciary Committee.

New bitcoin debit card claims to work with 90 percent of US ATMs
Bitcoiners may soon have a new way to use their digital currency: the Cryptex Card, a new global bitcoin-to-cash ATM and debit card. The Cryptex Card works like this: instead of buying products directly with bitcoin, the cardholder sends bitcoin to an address linked with the card, which converts it to cash. The card can then be used to withdraw money at more than 90 percent of U.S. ATMs or at certain ATMs in 80 countries. The Hong-Kong based startup announced on Monday that it will begin shipping its cards in the next four to six weeks.

Mexico’s first Bitcoin exchange is launched
Bitso, currently in beta testing, officially launched as the first Bitcoin exchange in Mexico. You can buy and sell bitcoins through various options. It’s still fairly new, but yet another positive sign that Bitcoin is expanding all over the world.

Bitcoin legitimized on eBay with virtual currency category
A new category for digital items has been added to eBay, called “virtual currency.” Users can sell Bitcoins, Dogecoin, crypto currency miners, and mining contracts. The move to add this new category could be a part of eBay’s overall business strategy in the arena of digital goods sales as well.

DuckDuckGo started using Blockchain to run their bitcoins search!
Really cool news from DuckDuckGo the search engine, who recently started utilizing the Blockchain API to produce search results for bitcoin searches.


Take My Bitcoins – The TV Show – Episode #1
The first Bitcoin contest TV Show has already done its first episode. It’s a fun new concept on the traditional game show type of show, but for digital currency! It’s definitely worth watching.

Happy Birthday Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever you are
Through a process of elimination, April 5th seems to be Satoshi Nakamoto’s birthday. There are also some significant reasons to choose that date, but they could just be coincidences, or a ruse. In any case, we wish you Satoshi Nakamoto, a wonderful belated birthday!

– Blockchain Team