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Fighting to Protect Our Users

Blockchain has made some small wins in the last week on security.

Lead by our CSO Andreas Antonopoulos and working closely with cyber security agencies, we were able to take down a number of phishing websites targeted at our users, those with domain names that are very similar to ours.  These sites are shut down for good!

We now also have established channels in place so that future phishing sites can be taken down quickly.  **Please report any phishing activity you see to us immediately. **

Again, if you haven’t already, please read our Basic Security Tips for using a Blockchain wallet.  We will be adding more comprehensive security advices in the coming days.

A few of our users have reported increased phishing attempts on their other online wallets.  While many of these wallets are designed differently from a security perspective, some of the Basic Tips will still help.

Protecting our, and all bitcoin users is always our highest priority!  Many thanks to those who have helped in this endeavor.

Blockchain Team