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Basic Security Tips

Given the recent service interruption and explosive growth of our user base, we have seen an increase in phishing and other attempts trying to steal bitcoins.  A few basic security tips are in order.

  1. NEVER give your password or mnemonic to anyone.  Blockchain staff will never ask for it, never need it, and never want it.  If you receive an email or phone call asking for it, it is definitely not from Blockchain.  Delete or report the email immediately.
  2. NEVER open your wallet from a link you receive in an email or from another website.  Always type the URL in, or use a bookmark (from what you typed in).  NEVER login to your wallet from a pop-up window.  Always make sure it’s a clean browser window where you can see the URL bar.
  3. ALWAYS have up-to-date anti-virus software running on your PC.  Compared to banking fees you pay to keep your money safe in a bank, subscription to anti-virus software is very cheap.  Please do not download or install random software (malware or trojan horse) that you don’t really need or know.
  4. Turn on backup options in your Blockchain Wallet.  We provide seamless email, Google Drive and Dropbox back up options.  The backups are encrypted with your wallet password and are relatively secure to store on these devices.  Choose a different and good password for your email, Google and Dropbox accounts, enable 2-factor-authentication on them.
  5. **Pick a strong password and remember it.  **Don’t use the same password on other sites.  You are the only one who have access to your bitcoins when using a Blockchain Wallet.  Your password is never stored on the server.  Blockchain cannot reset your password, transact on your behave, or move your bitcoins.  You are in 100% control when using a Blockchain Wallet.  Remember your password and don’t share it.
  6. Enable 2FA (two-factor-authentication).  2FA provides protections against certain types of security attacks.  We strongly recommend you enable it.

If you receive a phishing email, do not click on any links in the email.  Report it to:

Please help to spread the word around, to protect the community.  Thank you!