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Our New Merchant App Unleashed!

Screenshot 1Are you a business curious about accepting Bitcoin? Want a simple way to accept Bitcoin payments from your customers?

Our app just recently hit the Google Play store, and is available to download for free! Our goal was to design an app that would make accepting Bitcoin simple and easy for any business owner. Simply download, install and open the app; set up your 4-digit PIN number; add your Bitcoin receiving address, name of your business and currency preference; turn push notifications on and then click save! You’re now ready to accept Bitcoin payments!

Benefits of using Blockchain’s Merchant App:

– simple, easy and free
** – start accepting Bitcoin payments instantly**
** – tracks incoming payments in real-time**
** – 0% fees on your payments**
** – customer support available 24/7**

Check out some screenshots to see the app in action:

[![Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.19.28 PM](](
Add your receiving address, business name and currency of choice. Turn on push notifications and you’re good to go!
Add a description for the item being purchased and click the green button to proceed!
A QR code will appear for your customer to scan and send payment!
A red hourglass will display when the network hasn’t detected payment by the customer yet. A hollow white checkmark will display when payment has been seen (it’s usually safe to accept the transaction as paid at this point). A green checkmark will appear when the transaction has received at least 1 confirmation by the network.
Let us know what you think! Give us a review on the [Google Play]( store and join the conversation on [Reddit](, [Twitter](, and [Facebook](!