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Andreas Launches Fundraiser for Dorian Nakamoto

As you may already have seen on Reddit/r/Bitcoin, Blockchain’s Chief Security Officer Andreas has personally organized a fundraiser for Dorian Nakamoto. Dorian was the target of Newsweek’s recent alleged discovery of Satoshi Nakamoto (click here for the original article), inventor of the Bitcoin protocol.

Blockchain is fully supportive of this fundraising initiative and hopes these fundraising efforts are accepted by Dorian, as a way of compensation for bombardment by the media and invasion of his privacy. We are extremely proud to be part of such a generous and respectful community of individuals.

Here are some details about the fundraiser:

  • Donations accepted until the end of March.
  • At the end of March, donations will be converted to USD and delivered to Dorian Nakamoto.
  • If the donation is rejected by Dorian, then the funds will go to a charity of his choice
  • If he doesn’t want to choose a charity, funds will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Any funds sent after the deadline, will be donated to Dorian at a later date, or a charity of his choice or EFF as above.

Please visit the Reddit post to learn more:

As of this time, there have been 1615 donations totaling 38.61901179 BTC. View the transactions appear in real time by monitoring this address on