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Blockchain in the Media - February

There is never a dull moment in the world of Bitcoin. That especially sums up February for us! The following links below illustrate a month of challenges, important clarifications and positive glances towards Bitcoin’s future. We have emerged from February stronger than ever and determined to continue to help the Bitcoin community build a secure globally accessible Bitcoin framework. If you are interested in reading up on Apple’s removal of our iOS app, please click here and here!

Bitcoin vs. The Federal Reserve – Andreas Antonopoulos and Stefan Molyneux


Freedomain Radio on February 26 2014

Roger Ver on Blockchain’s Past, Present and Future  written by Ryan Galt via CoinDesk, on February 15 2014
How to Make a Paper Wallet for Bitcoin  via CoinDesk
The Top 50 Bitcoin Resources & Tools  via DailyTekk, on February 18 2014 CEO Nic Cary Donates $10,000 in Bitcoin to University  written by Danny Bradbury via CoinDesk, on February 19 2014
Dan Held And Kevin Johnson Talk About ZeroBlock, The Acquisition By Blockchain, And MtGox Data Distortions by Donald McIntyre via Newfination, on February 21 2014
‘Building the Payments Web’ Event Shines Spotlight on Cryptocurrencies written by Daniel Cawrey via CoinDesk, on February 21 2014
Roger Ver on Mt. Gox Mess: No Strong Opinions written by Eric Calouro via NewsBTC, on February 22 2014
Bitcoin security model: trust by computation written by Andreas Antonopoulos via O’Reilly Radar, on February 22 2014
Blockchain’s Reaction to Mt. Gox via Blog.Blockchain.Com on February 25 2014
Statement on Mt.Gox  written by Andreas Antonopoulos, on February 25 2014
Coinbase Review  written by Andreas Antonopoulos, on February 25 2014
Roger Ver on MTGOX Bankruptcy and Bitcoin  on February 25 2014