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2014 New Hampshire Liberty Forum

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Do you think of yourself as a voluntarist, anarchist or libertarian? If you do, chances are you attended last week’s 2014 New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Nashua. Blockchain was proud to be the Rearden sponsor of the event this year, where nearly 500 people attended to mingle, learn more about freedom and why it is so important to ask questions.

For roughly three and a half days, attendants had their choice of events ranging from (but not limited to) formal discussions about political activism and how to restore civil liberties; learning about the world’s first 3D printed gun; they could also watch their favourite freedom podcasts record live shows from the event! The event was attended by many truly inspiring speakers, journalists and activists, such as Naomi Wolf, Jeffrey Tucker, and Ben Swann.

![Mandrik teaching Bitcoin beginners about, and how to set up a wallet.](
Mandrik teaching Bitcoin beginners about, and how to set up a wallet.
Two of us from the Blockchain team attended the event and on Friday Mandrik gave an introductory lesson to bitcoin newbies, where he informed them how to set up their first Blockchain wallet and maintain it in a secure fashion. After assisting the audience with their Blockchain wallet setup, we sent several volunteers some bitcoins so they could familiarize themselves with how transactions work. It was then suggested that each volunteer send a fraction of those bitcoins they received from us, to another bitcoin newbie, so everyone had the opportunity to learn.

Our friends from Lamassu were also at the event. The company developed a gorgeously designed Bitcoin ATM that allows you to instantly deposit bitcoins into a wallet of your choosing. We had a great time helping people get started with their Blockchain wallets, at which point they’d excitedly scurry over to the Lamassu Bitcoin ATM to buy some bitcoins.

![Busy Friday night at the 2014 NH Liberty Forum; this was right in front of the Blockchain booth!](
Busy Friday night at the 2014 NH Liberty Forum; this was right in front of the Blockchain booth!
[The Free State Project](’s President, Carla Gericke, says that Liberty Forum and other events run by the organization stand out because of their “true sense of optimism”. Where freedom is a shared passion, individuals are able to focus their energies working on a myriad of issues, like “private charities, school choice, running for office, marijuana reform” or bringing awareness to alternative currencies like Bitcoin.

Despite all the roadblocks we currently see for individual freedoms, the Free State Project assumes a positive perspective for the future (and so do we). Be sure to check out their other major event, The Porcupine Freedom Festival, which happens from June 22-29 this year. Tickets are currently on sale for $45!