Having trouble using our services?

**This issue has since been resolved. Thanks for your patience!

We are experiencing a problem with one of our database nodes. It reduces
our capacity at the moment. We have turned on DDOS protection to not make
the problem worse. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have
caused, especially to our API users. We should be able to fix the problem
shortly. Please bear with us for a couple more hours and things should be
back to normal.

Our app / services across all platforms are affected by this.

This is unrelated to the MtGox issue. And we will try to maintain
transparent communication with the community, while the bulk of our energy
is spent on fixing the problem.

Your support is deeply appreciated,

The Blockchain.info Team

5 thoughts on “Having trouble using our services?

  1. When you move to blockchain.com, you might want to look into setting up the api at api.blockchain.com so you can use different kinds of protection or resources for the main site vs the API users.

    1. I lost 950.00 dollars from this sight. I am totally pissed. This is a con, be carefull. Blockchain.info. shame on you for this.

  2. Hi, thanks for letting us know. I have a website that uses the RPC API and was being affected until a while ago.
    Right now everything is normal though. Does that mean you guys turned off DDoS protection?

    – Is it possible that you might turn it on again?
    – Is there anything I can do on my end to make API calls work even if you have DDoS protection enabled?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. I’m still unable to send bitcoin to known good addresses. I also receive error messages when specifying my own address as my change address. I assume this is because of the problems mentioned here. Do you have an ETA when this will be fixed?

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