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The Media & Bitcoin Community Respond to Apple

If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the past 24 hours of news since Apple removed our app from its App Store, please read on! Our team has been diligently focused on the pouring-in of news, and monitoring the aftermath of Apple’s actions. Our blog (yes, this one!) has received over 52,000 views since our initial response to Apple was posted. We’re happy we’ve got your attention! The response from the Bitcoin community, and media has been overwhelming(ly awesome). Even if Apple never reverses its decision, it’s impossible to deny the magnificent outcry we’ve received from media and Bitcoiners.

In spite of this challenge, we are continuing to move forward. Our team maintains utmost confidence in our position as the world’s most popular Bitcoin website and wallet – on all platforms. In fact, we are in the process of implementing an HTML 5 version of our mobile wallet, that will work on any smartphone device.

If you are still an iPhone user, be aware the Blockchain App is still available through Cydia. Android users can visit the Google Play Store to download their version of the Blockchain app.

In response to our original statement, many people left us their thoughts, and here are a few we thought we’d share.

“Great article. Thanks Blockchain for making a stand. As insiders have known for years – After iPhone, Apple went into decline.” – Tea

*“Great timing by Apple- The new Samsung S5 will be released on Feb 24. Goodbye Apple.” – Bob A *

*“Welcome, Apple. Seriously.*

#WelcomeAppleBTC” – chsa dos

*“Apple is abusing its monopoly, plain and simple. They feel threatened by the new internet currency and are trying hard to nip it in the bud, like the way they tried to sue the ass out of Android. Apple is the new M$. And you need to get your head out of Tim Cook’s butt.”* – *Nikki*

*“Now everybody can see the true nature of Apple as a arrogant, narcistic and childish company full of egoistic, money-groping ‘managers’. I surely don’t regret I never bought Apple product, not in the past, not now and not in the future… they’re overhyped and overpriced….” – Porto

We decided to compile all the news and media coverage we could find, so all you have to do is click the links below (which are in no particular order). Click here to read our original response to Apple.

Courtesy of Reddit/r/bitcoin:

Click for original Reddit/r/Bitcoin post for above video

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