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The Blockchain Team Welcomes Andreas Antonopoulos

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**Bitcoin is a growing international phenomenon. As a result, Blockchain has been expanding our team to better accommodate our continuously growing user-base.** At the beginning of 2013, our company was one individual: creator, developer and CTO of, Ben Reeves. We are now proudly 11 employees on four separate continents; a team of full legacy multi-national Bitcoin experts, who live and breathe Bitcoin. We are a 100% Bitcoin-based business, and will continue to remain that way. Blockchain is extremely serious about security, and want to continue to provide the most secure services possible for our users.
**With that, we are thrilled to announce a new most valuable asset to the Blockchain team. Andreas Antonopoulos, an amazing Bitcoin advocate and a most respected thought-leader of Bitcoin has been brought on to serve as our Chief Security Officer.**

All of us at Blockchain see Andreas as an inspirational bitcoiner who brings a very impressive resume, and will be working with us to better manage our overall risk management, digital and physical security.

When asked about what Andreas hopes to bring to Blockchain, he says he hopes that as Chief Security Officer he can “bring [his] experience in building operational security”, and emphasized the importance of  “[using] the power of programmable money to implement much better security solutions based on cryptographic proof on the blockchain”.  His desire is to work towards solutions that help “improve the security for the entire [Bitcoin] industry”.

Andreas first heard about Bitcoin in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2011 when he read Satoshi Nakamoto’s original paper explaining the peer-to-peer payment network that he fully understood the science behind how Bitcoin works. It was then when he recognized that “Bitcoin was far more than just a currency”.  For Andreas, the six months following that realization were a blur, as he quit all other projects to dedicate himself to Bitcoin full-time; he has continued this dedication almost non-stop for the past two years.

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Andreas is no stranger to’s web wallet, blockchain explorer, and our statistical information to study the Bitcoin economy.  “ was my first web wallet,” he says.  He had already been using our website to explore the blockchain, in order to better “understand Bitcoin transactions and block activity”. Once he understood how’s security model worked, he “felt it was the most secure online place to store [his] bitcoin[s]”, and he began using it as his primary storage source. What most impresses Andreas about our wallet service is the “speed and quality of development”, and implementation of cutting edge features. Andreas continues to use Blockchain for personal storage, and finds himself helping others get started with Bitcoin and a Blockchain wallet “almost every day”.
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Blockchain has a very ambitious roadmap for 2014, and beyond. CEO of Blockchain, Nicolas Cary, explains that our success for 2014 will be defined “by building amazing and beautiful products that are easy to use, and fundamentally promote Bitcoin adoption.” Cary says Blockchain will maintain leadership position as the world’s most popular Bitcoin website and wallet, by continuously “building and investing in new features”.

Learn more about Andreas Antonopoulos and his projects here!