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Spotlight On: Bitcoin & Small Businesses

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We can hardly contain ourselves each time we hear of a new business that is accepting Bitcoin as payment! The more places we can spend our bitcoins, the more its utility & infrastructure grow.

Here on the blog, we’ll be featuring a new business two times each month. We’ll tell you a little about the beginning of the business, their vision for the future, and ultimately why they began accepting Bitcoin. We’ll also showcase some of their products or services, in case you’d like to check them out yourselves. Our hope is that businesses who have embraced Bitcoin can show other businesses & entrepreneurs the benefits (and simplicity) of doing so.

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**If you have a small business, and have been accepting bitcoin as payment for your goods or services, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below with your website, so we can check it out!**

Our first featured business will be The Pao Cafe – a delightful Brazilian Cafe & Bakery in Newmarket, New Hampshire. The Pao Cafe is the first restaurant in New Hampshire, USA to accept Bitcoin payments. Our first Spotlight On: Bitcoin Businesses begins next week! Visit us again to learn a brief history of The Pao Cafe, and why Bitcoin was such a smart and simple choice for owners Matthew, and his wife Barbara to incorporate into their business.